Uday Chopra’s film career was short-lived. He did a few films including the Dhoom series and soon vanished into oblivion. However, he is still making headlines because of his relationship with ex-girlfriend. Not too long ago, the grapevine was abuzz with rumours of Nargis Fakhri moving in with Uday Chopra and his mother, Pamela Chopra.

For the unversed, Uday & Nargis were really close back then and from what we heard and they were pretty serious about each other. But then they broke up and Nargis stopped doing Bollywood films altogether. Nargis Fakhri is currently dating an American director named Matt Alonzo but it seems like Uday has still not moved on. He just posted a cryptic tweet hinting on the same.

The tweet that he posted, could be read as, “I wish I could love with the same intensity I used to love a few years ago. There was this girl and I felt alive just loving her. I’ve lost that now. I just want that passion back. Maybe that’s all I need.” Check out the tweet!

Since, Nargis was his last girlfriend and they were dating a few years ago, we suspect that this message is hinting at her. In 2016, speculation was rife that Uday ended things with Nargis over WhatsApp, after which she left the country, heartbroken. Nargis, however, denied these reports and maintained that she left for New York to attend to her health issues.

Speaking of their once expected wedding, a source close to the Chopras had informed The Quint, “There is definitely a wedding on the cards. In fact, from what we’ve been told, it may happen any time early next year. At least that’s where it stands at the moment. Uday is fully committed to marriage. He wants to make it legal with Nargis for the last two years. But she’s commitment-phobic, both professionally and personally. She keeps running off to her home in New York. But now this time we’re told she’s in Mumbai to make the relationship legal.”

What’s more? Uday Chopra has also changed his Twitter name. He is now Gudvar Thorgard. “I’m changing my name to Gudvar Thorgard. Thanks Viking name generator!”, he wrote after making this change.

Talking about his emotional tweet, it has surely left us wondering who it could be possibly about. However, we do hope Uday is able to get over this heartbreak soon!