The estranged love story Kuch Rang Pyaar ke Aise Bhi on Sony Entertainment Television will continue to entertain audiences with its gripping highs and lows in the upcoming episodes. Off late, we saw some sizzling romantic moments between Dev and Sonakshi. On the other hand, Ishwari put conditions afore Devratt for marriage in the show.

Now as per the ongoing track, Jatin has found a secret photo album which has some pictures of Ishwari and Khatri together. Jatin has already informed Sonakshi about the same. But this has raised eyebrows and curiosity among the viewers.

Sonakshi on her part has also informed Dev about it after which they will visit the photo studio to find out more about the issue. According to the sources, “Sonakshi goes back to Bose House and after some time Dev also reaches there. They both decide to go to the same studio. While driving down Dev tells Sonakshi about Ishwari’s proposal of marriage and the conditions to get married to some other girl. Sona tells Dev to get married to someone else to settle his life.”

Lets see whether Dev takes Sona’s advice or not.

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