Nargis Fakhri gets pregnant without getting married?

Finally, Nargis Fakhri returned to the bay, after three years of break with her next film ‘Amavas‘. As the actress split from her boyfriend, Bollywood actor Uday Chopra, she had been nursing a broken heart. It was seen that she had behaved very strangely with the paparazzi and the media. Nargis was seeing covering her complete face whenever spotted. And the same thing continued, even when she came back to promote her next film ‘Amavas’.

A source reported, “Throughout the entire day, she was cranky and behaved weirdly with everyone present. It seemed she was upset about something, but we later found out she wasn’t keeping too well.” What happened to her? “Well, she kept taking breaks because she was puking. Later, we got to know that she is expecting her first Baby .”

After the two broke up, Nargin started dating Matt Alonzo. The two were spotted spending time with each other. Although there have been several rumours about them breaking up, this news will prove everything wrong. In fact, in the recent pictures, you might notice her putting on a lot of weight. Not just that, she is also wearing extremely loose clothes to hide the baby bump.

So let’s see if Nargis will tell us the truth or will try to hide it like every other actress.


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