Upon A Fan’s Request To Send Kane Williamson To Pavilion, Sonu Sood Responds With A Witty Answer

A very enthusiastic cricket fan reached out to Sonu Sood on Twitter and asked pleaded to him to send the Kiwi skipper Kane Williamson back to the pavilion while the World Test Championship final took place.

Now as per the story, as the final day broke, the New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson played a crucial role on the back of his captaincy which gained a lead over India in the ongoing World Test Championship final. This right-handed marvellous batsman faced 177 deliveries and scored an essential of 49 runs for his team and later got dismissed by Ishant Sharma. It was solely because of this captain that the New Zealand team earned a lead of 32 runs over India in a rain shaken face-to-face.

This rock-star batsman Kane spent an ample amount of time in the middle crease and compensated for the wicket loss of Ross Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholas, and BJ Watling with a strike rate of 27.68. This stunning batsman-ship actually prevented the Indians from taking the upper hand.

Amidst this situational crisis, worries rose amongst the Indian fans and they ran to their messiah Sonu Sood. Reaching out to the Bollywood star, one very enthusiastic fan urged him to send Williamson back to the pavilion. In a prior response, Sonu Sood mentioned on his Twitter handle, “We have stalwarts in our team who will send him on their own”. In other words, he also wanted to actually tell that, their team has many capable and excellent players who will do it themselves.

This wonderful twit actually won netizens’ hearts and they gathered some confidence to put on more posts like, someone said, Sonu Sood is not god but he is no even less than god, while the other said, humorously that it is god’s grace that Ishant Sharma was capable of booking his ticket to the pavilion.           

It has been found that Sonu Sood has been actively providing aid to numerous people via handing out the Covid-19 resources like beds, oxygen cylinders, medicines while the country was battling with the second wave of this pandemic. Exponentially this has brought up the faith, hope, and belief of the general people for this Bollywood actor, so they are now even requesting medical aid, educational scholarship from Sonu out of sheer gratitude.


We are really amazed to view the wonderful responses coming forth for this wonderful man Sonu Sood. Surely it is the reflection of his so many kinds and compassionate deeds throughout his life. However, we wish him all the best for his future.

The main Excerpt is taken from – hindustantimes.com

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