Urfi Javed: “I Would Have Gone Without Wearing Clothes”

Urfi Javed, a member of Bigg Boss OTT, was a huge troll at the airport due to his clothes. Now Urfi has given a blunt answer to these trolls. Urfi has said that she did not wear such clothes for publicity. Bigg Boss OTT’ contestant Urfi Javed has been brutally trolled for flashing her pink bra, netizen says ‘Shameful Act’.


Bollywood actress and member of Bigg Boss OTT alias Javed were heavily trolled by netizens over her clothes. Urfi’s look at the airport had gone hugely viral. Urfi was wearing a denim shirt with jeans. But, Urfi’s pink bra was clearly visible from the shirt. Netizens had trolled her after seeing her clothes. Now Urfi has given his reaction to this. She has said that if she wanted to get fame, she would have gone without wearing clothes.

Urfi Javed

Responding to the trolls, Urfi said, “If I wanted to be famous, I would have gone to the airport without clothes. I am something more than my clothes. People just look at my clothes. Why can’t they talk about me? I misunderstood that no matter what I posted, people would say something.


.’Then they don’t care if I wear a bikini or a salwar kameez. I come from a traditional family in Lucknow. I grew up in that environment. But no one forced us to wear clothes. Today I wear clothes that I love. I don’t care what people say.’

Urfi further said, ‘I dress according to the place where I go. At first, I thought I was doing something wrong, but now I realize that no matter what I do, people will make mistakes. Now I have become wise. I don’t care about that. ‘ Urfi had heard a lot from her outfit.

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