There are many products that we use in our daily lives which can be substituted with coconut oil. Or don’t just substitute, use coconut oil diligently, for these things.


1)    Shaving- Although I am no fan of shaving and prefer waxing instead, but for those who prefer shaving, using coconut oil is best. Chemicals or soaps that you use for shaving are costly and can cause dryness which is not the case with coconut oil.

2)    Overnight hydrator- this is something you can do daily and it will give you really good results. Apply coconut oil on your face and the rest of your body to wake up to good smelling and nicely hydrated skin. I myself do this every day and applying coconut underarms can help in brightening them.

3)    Hand cream- right after taking a bath you can use some coconut oil to moisturize your hands. The moisture from the bath helps in settling the oil in the skin thus giving you smooth skin. Coconut also has anti-aging properties which will help in reducing wrinkles on hands.

4)    Cellulite remedy- using coconut oil with honey and applying it daily on areas with cellulite (mainly behind your thighs and under and over your hips), will help you get rid of it. Apply it before going to bed for best results.

5)    DIY coconut oil hand soap- Grate some soap, boil some water, add coconut oil and after mixing them whisk up the mixture to make the solution viscous. This is the best kind of hand soap you can use and it is super coast effective. You can surf the net for a better explanation on how to make it (Though it is exactly how I have written it you just need to adjust the amount of materials as your need suits you).

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