Valentine gifts not just for lovers!

By Mitali Sharma

February 13, 2017

Valentines is a day remarked to celebrate love and it is mostly mistaken and called as the day of lovers. But it is clearly not. Valentines is a day which can be celebrated with anyone you love. I could be your Parents, Grandparents, and Siblings, Best Friend, cousin or anyone who is close to your heart. You can simply present a gift on this special day to anyone who plays a significant role in your life.

Here are some of the gifting ideas for your loved ones this valentine:

Mother: The most important part of our life deserves the most. There are various things which could be done to make your mom feel special such as Chocolates for a sweet mommy, Flowers for a mommy who loves fragrance, some unique piece of jewellery, something which she may add to her kitchen, a framed photograph and last but not the least your time and attention.

Father: Another gem in everyone’s life is father and we can make our daddy feel special this valentine by gifting something to him which he would love such as a watch, his favourite bottle of vodka if he loves to drink, a pen if writes a lot, a cool tee to make him feel young, or simply a dish that he loves made by you.

Grandparents: Elders are our guide of all time. They are the one who teach us in every walk of our life and show us the right path. Make your grandparents by your thanksgiving gift this valentine. Some of the gifting options for your grandparents may include a photograph of the young couple framed in a beautiful frame, cools tees for cool grandparents or a new wall clock for their room.

Siblings: Our siblings are our first friends be it elder or younger. They are the ones we have grown up with. They always hold a special place in our heart even if we fight a lot with them. Let’s gift them something this valentine to make our first friends special. Why not take them for a movie of their choice, a beauty product for a beautiful young sister, a watch for an elder brother, books if your sibling loves to read or a day out with them will definitely help you make them feel special.

 Teachers: Nobody can deny the fact that our teachers always hold a special place in our heart. They are preparing us for our future and thus deserve something special at least once in a year. Valentine day could be that one day when you can make your teacher feel special by gifting something special. It may include a pen, a book, a unique pen holder or a lunch out with them if they agree