It is that time of the year again! The most anticipated time when lovers drench in to the pure feeling of love to make their loved ones feel special, i.e. The Valentine’s Day is here. The day preceded with a week of love, marks the celebration of special days like rose day, propose day, chocolate day and hug day. Couples leave no stone unturned to enjoy these days of love. While many consider it as a perfect time to express their love and embark a new journey, other couples celebrate the togetherness and some persuade their partners to sort all the indifferences.

While it is very common to see teenage/young couples and newly-weds indulging into such so-much-in-love activities, other age-groups often consider it clichéd. But, come on, love is something you need all throughout your life and is not just limited to boyfriend/girlfriend and spouses. Your parents or your little toddler can be your valentine too. Afterall, the aim is to celebrate love, not just a specific form of it. Isn’t it?

So here we go!

Parents and Toddlers: Your toddler is ofcourse too young to do anything or to understand your efforts. Whatever you do for him/her, is only going to be felt by you. So, why not adore your kid while listening to the song, “Chandaa Hai Tu Mera Sooraj Hai Tu”. This sheer pure song is surely going to give you super-good feels!


And yes, if your child is grown up enough that he can understand your actions and efforts, do something what he/she loves which otherwise you can’t to quite frequently. Afterall, you are the parent and know you child’s wishes, the best.

Teenagers: Well, chances are, you might already be dating somebody  from your school or tuition classes, so you  might be struggling hard to collect cash to buy the perfect gift. But since you do not earn yourself, it is not a good idea to splurge loosely at this tender age. A handmade greeting card along with a chocolate and a rose would do. 😉


If you wanna splurge, do it for your parents! Your teenage is a real hectic time for your parents, as they see you growing and drifting apart from them. So make it a special day for them and tell them you love them.  Bake a cake or buy gifts or just write a heartfelt letter!

Mid 30’s and above: Burdened in the home chores, jobs and endless responsibilities, this age group literally needs the utmost refreshment from Valentine’s Day even when they fail to realize the need. So, plan a day out with your spouse, spend some quality time and have a candlelight dinner. It does sound a bit clichéd but come on! It is okay to be typical sometimes. It will at least break the monotony that has hovered over your life. So, make sure to spend good time, away from the daily life’s hustle bustle. And ofcourse, let your kids too enjoy the special day with their crushes and partners! Don’t be a parent police! 😛


Oldies: Old couples are the true definition of true love! They face endless roller coaster like situations, yet decide to stick together. Many couples may find it difficult to celebrate this day to the core at this tender age. But to celebrate love, you do not much stamina. A tiny activity like watching an old film which has some old strings attached to it  can bring back the memories of romance-filled days. Or just going through the old pictures, of course with your glasses on, can make your feel refreshed and remind you of the pleasant old days. Or ask your grandchildren to plan something quirky for you. 😉

If your partner is no more, even then, do this stuff to send some love above. He or she will definitely be happy to see you happy down here.


You might be wondering, why ‘Young Adults’ is not mentioned in this write-up! Well, come on, I am sure you guys do not need any guidelines or help. 😉


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