Veere Di Wedding Actress Swara Bhasker Is Dating This 37-years-old Guy!-Pics INSIDE!

By Anupriya Khanna

June 09, 2018

One of the most phenomenal actresses in the Bollywood industry, Swara Bhasker is keeping in news every now and then. While sometimes she is making headlines for her commendable performances on the silver screen, other times she manages to be in news for taking up a stand on social issues.

The actress doesn’t hesitate from expressing her opinions and views. She is outstanding as an actor, but there is hardly anything that one knows about her personal life.

So, today we will throw some light on her love life.

As per reports, it has been said that the ‘Ranjhana’ actress is dating National Award winner and screenwriter Himanshu Sharma. It has been told that the two are in a relationship from the past 4 years. Swara and Himanshu first met during the shooting of the film, Raanjhanaa and got along well while shooting for Tanu Weds Manu Returns.

Spilling the beans about her relationship, Swara said, “Yes, we are dating and are happy and committed. Now you know why Himanshu is my favourite dialogue writer.” Affirming the news about dating Swara, Himanshu had also said, “Yes, we are dating each other. We’re in a happy space and currently, both of us are concentrating solely on our careers. We haven’t thought about marriage as yet, but when the time comes, we will surely take the leap.” Previously there were rumours that Swara and Himanshu were planning to tie the knot. But when Swara got to know about the same, she rubbished the news saying, “The news was totally counterfactual. There are no marriage plans right now. We are both busy with our respective careers. To top that, I, for one, am too broke to get married.” Apart from this, it was also rumoured in 2016 that the actress was moving in with Himanshu to a plush 3 BHK apartment in Yari Road. Revealing about the same, a source had stated, “Swara had been looking for a bigger, better house for herself in Mumbai for the longest time. Her present one-bedroom pad at Versova has been an integral part of her journey in Mumbai for the last five years and it was time for an upgrade. She’s looking forward to do up her more spacious new house.”

In a recent talk with a leading web portal, the Veere Di Wedding actress shared some more details about her relationship with Himanshu. Remembering her fight with him during the making of Raanjhanaa, Swara said, “I fight a lot with Himanshu (Sharma, boyfriend, writer), like for one during Raanjhanaa where I kept telling him that he didn’t give any space to Zoya’s world and ended up making stalking look cute. But at least she does not surrender, which is better than most of our Bollywood films.”

Speaking about her belief in the institution of marriage and her idea about live-in relationships, Swara had said, “I have been in a live-in relationship, but I haven’t been married. The thing with a live-in is that you are basically married, except for the paperwork. The routine is exactly like that of a married couple. I mean what is marriage than two people sharing a home or life? When I was living in, both our families knew and we were close to each other’s family. It was not any different from a marriage. Also, urban living in modern India is slowly changing the institutions, the values. But I believe in marriage because I believe in family. My strongest support and the reason why I am still rational and not flipping insane is because of my family. I want to be married and have a family.”

When further probed to reveal when is she going to take the plunge, she expressed, “I haven’t thought about it. Himanshu and I have discussed marriage, but we both still don’t know when. I just know that I want my marriage to be a huge party, like a massive affair. I want to have lots of days, lots of functions and lots of gaana-bajaana. I want to be drunk for the entirety of it. When I told my mother, she was shocked. She said, ‘Chhi beta, who talks like this? How shameful.’ But I don’t care, I will be drunk from the first day to the last day. (Bursts out laughing) I have a lot of friends abroad and I want them to come for my shaadi. I have all these plans, but there’s no timeline so sometimes, I worry the person should be the same. We joke about this too and we’re very different temperamentally.”

The Tanu Weds Manu Returns actress also said, “He wants to get married in court without any taam jhaam. And I’m like, I’m getting married. Swara Bhasker is retiring from the playing field and there won’t be any taam jhaam? (Laughs) It has to be a party and how! I need to go out with a bang.”