One of the greatest actor ever in Indian cinema, Dilip Kumar was rushed to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai by wife Saira Bano. 93-year-old Dilip Kumar has been not doing well health-wise from a long time now due to the obvious age factors. This time, it is chronic cough and severe pain in his right leg that led his wife to immediately take him to the hospital.


“I was anyway planning to take him for a routine check-up, but the swelling alarmed me. He was also complaining of cold and cough. I don’t ignore anything even remotely suspicious when it comes to Dilip saab’s health.”, his wife cum former actress Saira Bano told Bombay Times. She further told that he is under observation as doctors are examining him. She hoped nothing is serious and wants to take him home before his birthday. Kumar celebrates his birthday on 11th December and will turn 94 this year.

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