Sunny Leone came in the bollywood industry as an  COMPLETE OUTSIDER and has slowly and steadily covered grounds here. With every movie we can see the improvement in her hindi accent which clearly proves that she has no plans to leave the industry anytime soon. Now, after cementing her place in bollywood, sunny is all set to play a Bhojpuri character in her upcoming film Kokakola, which is set in Uttar Pradesh. While the 38-year-old actress is still working on her diction to get the character right.

Recently, Sunny posted a video on twitter which shows her speaking to the camera person in the vernacular language. She captioned the post, “When you are so much into the character!! #SunnyLeone #MethodActing #kokaKola #UP #BihariDialect.” Sunny says in the video, “Oye, kya be. Kaam kar. Mujhe chod. Bye. (Hey man, what’s up. Do your job and leave me alone). Check out the viral video here:

A few days ago, Sunny told IANS (via, “The genre does interest me and I am excited to be a part of this project. No one has a particular mantra with what will work and won’t work with the audience. I can’t comment on other projects, but for Kokakola, we will do our best and I am sure will match up to the audience’s expectations.”

She further added, “When it comes to my work, I always keep an open mind to learn new things — be it even a new language. It helps me grow as an actor and it is fun to learn new things while on the job. The dialect is something I am working on right now and I am working hard to get it right.”

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