Actress Vidya Balan has always been the target of trolls for her body type. She has featured in a new video where she can be seen addressing the body shaming issues she has faced throughout her career. She conveys a strong message for those facing body shaming issues with the help of popular Bollywood songs.

Vidya Balan starts the video by saying, “Kabhi Tu Moti Kehta Hai Kabhi Tu Choti Kehta Hai and she gets teary-eyed as the video proceeds. She is seen dressed in a black saree and a black dupatta wrapped around her whole body. Hair all messed up and tears rolling down her cheeks Vidya goes on to describe how negatively it affects a person when they become the target of jokes due to their skin tone, height and body type. As the video proceeds further Vidya throws away the dupatta and stand confidently in her black saree. This video has set the internet on fire.


The video got viral in no time with the hashtag “#DhunBadalKeToDekho”. Not only her fans but the whole twitter appreciated her for this brave effort. A fan wrote, “Inspirational video by @vidya_balan is changing the opinion of people for body shaming. This is a great step forward… I am glad that somebody is working on it #DhunBadalKeTohDekho.” Another wrote, “Ladkon ko bhi body shaming se guzarna padta hai. It is not just for women. I want to empower all my bros to stand up for themselves, too.” A girl tweeted, “With this video, it feels like Vidya Balan has read my mind, really is amazing #DhunBadalKeTohDekho.” A male viewer wrote, “To everyone who hasn’t learnt from their mistakes, please watch this video. Vidya Balan’s perspective on body shaming is such an eye-opener.” One more viewer wrote, “You are an amazing person Vidya not only one of the best actress. Take a bow Lady!!”

Vidya Balan who is known for breaking stereotypes has done it again. It is indeed an inspirational video for those facing body shaming issues. We hope this video helps to change the mindsets of people.


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