Vidya Balan Speaks Out On Sexual Harassment In Bollywood

Vidya Balan has always actively spoken against the ills of being in the Bollywood industry. She is one of the few people that have been vocal about the rampant sexual harassment in the B-town industry. Vidya is of the opinion that women are afraid to come forward and speak out against the malpractices that are prominent in the business.

In an interview with PTI, Vidya revealedI could walk away because I had a home to go back to. I had family, I had food on my plate and I had nothing to worry about. A lot of people have circumstances that are different. As a woman, you have the sixth sense and instinct.”

She continues “No one has asked me for a coffee. If I went to have coffee with someone, it was because I wanted to go. I felt it was below my dignity to get work in any other way. I don’t judge others who had to use any sort of means as everyone’s circumstances are different.”

The ‘Tumhari Sulu‘ star believes that enough women don’t lash out against the aggravation they are put through, out of fear of being judged. They are afraid that the tables would be turned on them, in case they raised their voices against the assault. She also states that such sexual exploitation not only exists in the entertainment industry but pretty much everywhere else. It gets reported and talked about more in the entertainment industry.

“Here, it gets written about. The film industry is a part of the society. Here it gets amplified and that is the only difference. In the West, it has happened to powerful and successful people and they did not do anything about it. So you think, I am not the only one. But people have started talking, revealing things,” Vidya adds.

In a different interview with Republic TV, Vidya said, “I just remember one incident when I had walked in for an audition and someone looked down at me and at my chest and I felt really uncomfortable and I was angered instantly so I looked down at myself and I said ‘what’. So he didn’t know where to look. And I remember I had gone with my father for that audition and I didn’t tell my father anything because he would get really upset. But I walked out of that place and I decided I don’t want to go back again.”

With worldwide movements like the ‘Me Too’ campaign, women from all over the world are telling their stories, the tragic ones. It’s high time to make the world a safer place for women again!

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