Vidya Balan’s Crime Drama Film Trailer For “Jalsa” Released; See What’s In Store For You!

Just days after the teaser which left fans thrilled, filmmakers or the studios have now released the full trailer of the upcoming crime thriller ‘Jalsa’. It is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar of the T series, and Vikram Malhotra, Shikha Sharma, and Triveni. The star cast consists of the super talented Vidya Balan alongside Shefali Shah in pivotal roles and features Rohini Hattangadi, Surya Kasibhatla, Ghanshyam Lalsa, Shrikant Mohan, and Manav Kaul.

The trailer ensures a very intriguing drama film with both the lead actresses also nailing their performance. Shefali is playing a distressed mother while Vidya Balan is playing a journalist. They both have depicted brilliantly the battle that goes on within a person, and with such powerhouse actors involved, saying that they are doing justice to their role is an understatement.

The official description of the film says “a hit and run of an 18-year-old girl becomes the hub of a wheel that sets into motion many a spoke – a journalist, a raging mother, a cop and a system all caught in an ethical dilemma. The question raised only to realize that the truth is rarely pure and never simple.” The raging mother is the role that is played by Shefali who is hell-bent on justice for her daughter.

Day by day the promos and posters for the same are getting released which is adding up to the hype of the film. Prashant Bhushan himself stated that he thinks that this film is one of the most “gripping and entertaining films that they have been a part of (as T series)”. Furthering on his collaboration with the other producers he said that his experience with them in films like Airlift, Sherni, and Chhorii was great and is sure that the film will turn out to be even better. While we can not contain our excitement for the film, we have to wait for a few days as the film is all set to release on the 18th on Amazon Prime Video.

check out the full trailer here –

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