Here is how Vikas Gupta very smartly planned Hiten’s eviction and saved his friend Priyank

Bigg Boss 11’s most shocking twist came in when the housemates were asked to evict one contestant out of Hiten Tejwani and Priyank Sharma last weekend. It was the first time that the housemates inside the Bigg Boss were asked to take the final decision of eviction. It was even more shocking as Shilpa Shinde voted out Hiten Tejwani from the show.

While people over social media have been slamming Shilpa Shinde for taking the wrong decision, not many know that Vikas Gupta was the real mastermind behind Hiten Tejwani’s eviction from the Bigg Boss house. Yesterday, we got to see Hina telling Shilpa and Puneesh that Priyank Vikas confessed to Priyank that he deliberately took Hiten’s name for eviction because he knew that Akash would vote against him. And eventually it happened as Akash saved Priyank over Hiten.

Vikas, who was very close to Hiten inside the house, planned everything to save his friend Priyank. This was further proved when Vikas’ equations changed with Priyank immediately after Hiten’s eviction. The two were seen working out together, the very next day. They were also seen chatting all day long. For all those who don’t know, Priyank and Vikas know each other from a long time and have worked together as well.

Vikas who promised to never talk to Priyank after he backstabbed him earlier was once again seen back with Priyank. He became good friends with him when Hiten left. They were seen fighting for even the smallest things inside the house but in a day, everything changed. Now it gets clear that Vikas is truly the mastermind of the show and you can never predict what is going on in his head. By taking Hiten’s name in front of the audience, he showed that he is supporting Hiten. However, he had already planned to save Priyank way earlier.

Bigg Boss brings in new twists and turns every day. Let’s see what will we get to see in the coming days!


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