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Vikas Gupta’s Brother Siddharth Leaves Him To Live With Sushant Singh Rajput

Vikas Gupta, who rose to fame with his stay inside the Bigg Boss 11 house, is once again in the news. He along with his arch rival Shilpa Shinde have entered the Bigg Boss house once again. They made quite a few headlines last year with their fights and patch-ups inside the house.


A little update about Vikas Gupta has surfaced the internet. According to recent reports, Vikas Gupta and his brother Siddharth Gupta are not living together anymore. The two brothers were staying together for five long years but then they decided to part ways. The little brother, Siddharth Gupta, moved out of Vikas Gupta’s house and is now living with their close friend Sushant Singh Rajput.

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“You can’t call it separation,” argued Vikas, when we called him to check this piece of news. “But yes, Siddharth does not stay with me now. He is staying with Sushant.” Vikas explained that Siddharth wanted to grow in his career, which perhaps he felt might not happen if they stay together. “Woh kehte hain na- bade ped ke neeche ek chhota ped ubhar ke nahi aa sakta?” Vikas continued. We cut him short to ask if there had been fights between Siddharth and him. Vikas shot back, “Fights kaun se do bhaiyon mein nahi hoti? Hum zaroor ladte the, but would kiss and makeup in no time. We definitely haven’t had a fight which led to him going and staying with Sushant.”


Talking further, Vikas said, “Sushant  is a dear friend, we both started on TV together. Sushant has told me that he will be mentoring him. What better than that? Sushant’s house is very conducive to growth. He has a great place for readings, meetings and gymming. Besides, he has another place on the outskirts, where Siddharth and he go fishing and even eat the fish which they catch.”

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Vikas continued, “I am envying them. Siddharth has taken a good decision. his maturity levels have increased. He wants to do things on his own.  He wanted to get out from my shadow, and he has done that successfully.”


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