Vikrant Massey on Haseen Dillruba Negative Reviews


Actor Vikrant Massey has said that he disagrees with those who didn’t like Haseen Dillruba. He also dismissed being singled out as the film’s best performer, and said that both his co-stars- Taapsee Pannu and Harshvardhan Rane- have done a ‘great job’. Haseen Dillruba, directed by Vinil Mathew and written by Kanika Dhillon, released on Netflix on July 2. Both Taapsee and Kanika have been responding to negative reviews, saying that some border on trolling.

“I would refrain from giving credence to what people are saying about Taapsee, Harshvardhan or the film,” Vikrant Massey told SpoyboyE. “Because what you see me do is a result of what others have done. I would disagree with everyone who says it was not a nice film. I think it a very good film. I think Taapsee and Harshvardhan have done a great job. I don’t know if my opinion counts, but I would disagree if people say I was the only good thing in the film. Nobody makes a film all by themselves; it’s a proper team work. Amit Trivedi has done a great job. My DOP has done a great job. Taapsee and my other co-actors have done a great job. Everybody has.”

He added, “If you think I have done a great job, that’s a by-product of all these things. It’s always a give and take among all people on the sets.” Haseen Dillruba, designed as a homage to Hindi pulp novels, tells the story of a housewife named Rani, her husband Rishu, and the violent chain of events that follow the arrival of a third man in their relationship. Previously, Kanika said in an interview with Mashable India that she would prefer paying attention to only the positive reviews, and implied that the ‘so-called experts’ writing negatively about the film lack qualification, as the profession doesn’t demand any.

Actor Vikrant Massey also reacted to his Haseen Dillruba co-star Taapsee Pannu’s recent comments about him and Harshvardhan Rane being ‘scared’ performing intimate scenes in the film with her. He said that the statement was ‘picked up’ by news outlets for ‘clickbait’ reasons. In an interview, Vikrant Massey said that Taapsee Pannu is a ‘jovial’ person who can’t keep quiet for more than five minutes and that she made the statement ‘in fun’. Asked if he was actually scared about performing the scenes, Vikrant told SpotboyE, “Naah, aisa kuch nahi hai (It’s nothing like that). Taapsee is a very jovial person. Woh 5 minutes se zyaada chup nahin baithh sakti; woh hansti rehti hai poora time (She keeps laughing the entire time). She just said in one interview — all in fun — ‘intimate scenes kartey time yeh ladke dar rahe the (the guys were scared about doing the intimate scenes’). And it got picked up by a few publications that believe in clickbait headlines and articles — because they help them in reaching out to people. These articles, however, help us too in reaching out to people. That’s a great symbiotic relationship, and we are not worried about it.”

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