Internet was brought to a baffling state when a few photos of Vinod Khanna in which he looked terribly ill, surfaced Internet claiming that he is suffering from Cancer. It indeed was too shocking for his fans to watch their once super-handsome star in this sympathetic state.
The photos along with the so-called-news went viral in no time. All hail to the fast paced medium, Internet! Some Whatsapp threads and Facebook posts further even claimed that he is no more.
But finally someone from his family has spoken and it is none other than his wife, Kavita Khanna. Rubbishing all the rumours of any Cancer ailment, she expressed her disappointment for the fake rumours and photos doing rounds. She said,”Stop posting Vinod Khanna’s photos. Please don’t bother him. He is our hero. Let him be”
Well, he is our hero too. We wish hin a speedy recovery.
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