Go Goa Gone actor, Vir Das took to the social media and shared a horrific encounter that he faced during this lockdown situation. Vir Das, who resides on the ground floor of his building, invited a neighbour over dinner and claimed that he followed all the precautions of social distancing rules. However, an old man was not very happy to see Vir Das inviting someone for dinner and he started yelling and abuses at Vir. Things got worse when the old man tried to sneeze at him and threatened to slap him.

In his note, Vir Das gave a detailed explanation of the incident and revealed that the man holds grudges against him because he stays in an apartment that the man wished to own but he couldn’t. Vir also revealed that the man stirred controversy in the past as well, wherein he had involved the media. He wrote, “This is one crazy evening. I live on the ground floor. We’ve got a little sit out. At 10pm a neighbour came by, because we had cooked dinner for them too. We do that with them and also some others within the complex. We gave him a chair fifteen feet away, FULLY social distanced. My neighbour had a can of coke from his house, a mask on, which he had pulled down to have a smoke. I was on the outdoor sit area of my house, neighbour was in the complex, fully social distanced. Five minutes later, this happens.

Vir Das

“This man is not my landlord, he lives on the first floor of the annexe building. He is upset because my landlord inherited the house I live in and he didn’t. This man does not own my doorstep, my sit-out or my house. I am not sure if an old man threatening to assault me, or sneezing on me, or asking his dead parent to haunt me qualifies as harassment. But this is a little ridiculous. And before this turns into him going to the media, as he has done before, and I’ve sat through it quietly…I’m not normally one for drama…I’m sorry but this crossed the line. How’s your lockdown going?” added Vir.

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The actor further tweeted, “To be clear. Uncle has previously gone to tabloids to get articles written about me and my family. I let it go quietly multiple times before. I have posted this here because at least then the truth is out there before seedy articles. Tonight crossed the line. Hope you understand.”

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