Bigg Boss 11 is full of surprises. And this time the surprise that Bigg Boss has planned for the contestants will definitely take them down an emotional ride. As in the next luxury budget task, the housemates of the reality show will be paid a visit by their family members. And guess who has come to pay an emotional visit to Priyank in the Bigg Boss house? It is none other than his ex-girlfriend Divya Aggarwal.

Priyank Sharma entered in the Bigg Boss house on a very good note but just after his entry, he indulged into a fight where he had hit another contestant. This violent behavior was not tolerated by Bigg Boss and Priyank was asked to leave the show as he broke some major rules of the contract. But since Priyank had a huge fan following and it all happened in heat of the moment, he was given another chance to re-enter the house as a wild card entry. And just when we thought that he would have mended his ways this time, he again proved us wrong. He not only revealed personal details of Arshi Khan in front of other housemates but also body-shamed Shilpa on national television. And that’s not all, he even went on to spoil his own image by talking about his mystery girlfriend in the US inside the house and even flirted with ex-contestant Benafsha Soonawalla.

Also, amidst all this, he completely forgot that Divya Aggarwal, whom he bonded with, in another reality show, was watching everything that he was doing and saying. While she did not have a problem with Priyank’s actions initially but when things got terribly worse, Divya couldn’t handle it anymore. She got so infuriated with Priyank that she went ahead to announce her breakup with him without even waiting for him to clear things after coming out of the house. She even confessed it to a leading daily that she would love to go inside the house and confront him if given a chance.

Well, it seems like her wish got granted. She was given an opportunity to enter the house and confront his ex-boyfriend during a task. And this is exactly what happened:

In a latest viral video, Divya was seen confronting Priyank in the Bigg Boss house. After entering the house, she directly went towards Priyank and asked him if he remembers her or not. she then went on to say that he is not the Priyank he used to be and has hurt so many girls, including her.  But Priyank keeps mum as he couldn’t say anything because of the rules of the task. Divya also warned him to not play in a group and that there is no one who is his true friend in the house except for Vikas.

She then started crying and further confessed that she had come to the house only to scold him but couldn’t gather enough strength to do any of it as she didn’t want to demotivate him. After stating this, she left the house.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the videos on your own:

Well, after looking at this video, it seems that Priyank already knows that he has committed a lot of mistakes. But the question is that now when he has realised his mistakes, will he try to be a better person or commit the same mistakes again?

Also, do you think Divya will forgive Priyank and hug out their differences when he comes out of the house? What do you have to say? Share your views in the comment section and keep watching this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 11.


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