Kamlesh, a 13-year-old boy living on the streets of Delhi is not an ordinary child. While most of the children of his age in this city are busy worrying about their school homework, Kamlesh spends his day picking up the rags, selling them off to make money around Rs 100-125 every day.

He doesn’t live with his mother. Because she doesn’t let him do what he loves the most, i.e. doing drugs. At such a tender age, Kamlesh knows about weed, hash, cigarettes, alcohol and has tried them all as well. But his favourite is ‘solution’, i.e. a whitener and its solution. What an irony! What other students of his age use to correct their notebooks, this boy is using it as a drug and is so addicted to it that if he doesn’t do it for a few days, he vomits blood.
Dheeraj Sharma, a filmmaker made a documentary titled ‘Nashebaaz – The Dying People of Delhi’ to highlight the horrific reality of so many young lives trapped into the dark world of drug addiction. The video going viral is a clip from the same documentary.
Watch the viral video here:

People making memes on this show their mental level and morals! This makes a normal person cry and u fucktards call yourself educated?!Documentary Film – Nashebaaz – The Dying People Of Delhi By Dheeraj Sharma

Posted by KTSK Comedy on Saturday, October 7, 2017

Last year, it was Shahid Kapoor starrer Udta Punjab which highlighted the pertinent issue of drugs – how its addiction and access was destroying the countless lives in the region. Now this video of 13-year-old ragpicker is going viral who even goes on to show how to use it and insists the filmmaker to try it too.
This is absolutely heart-breaking.

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