The Bigg Boss fever is not over yet. Sapna Chaudhary and Arshi Khan, who were two of the most controversial contestants on the show are now best friends! Though Sapna and Arshi didn’t share a great relationship on the show, they are now really close and get along well! Lately, Arshi Khan was seen during Sapna Chaudhary’s brother’s wedding in Delhi.
Both were seen having lots of fun during the wedding. It was a great sight for both their fans to see Sapna and Arshi together. Whenever Sapna and Arshi are together, we get loads of entertainment and now once again the two are back with some more entertainment.
They were recently seen performing together in Varanasi. The queen of entertainment, Rakhi Sawant also joined them for the performance. All their latkas and jhatkas are breaking the Internet. Their dance moves set the stage on fire. Here is a glimpse:
Here are some pictures of the gang:
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