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VIRAL VIDEO: Watch Sachin Tendulkar step out from his car to play gully cricket with fans

By Palak Sharma

April 17, 2018

Sachin Tendulkar is loved by millions around the world. The hardcore fans of cricket treat him as nothing short of a god. Cricket fanatics worship at his feet. And none of this is an exaggeration. People love him for all the right reasons.


This man is a stupendous cricketer and sportsman. He is the owner of multiple world records in the sport of cricket. In his personal life, he is as simple and humble as it gets. Sachin is truly a gentleman when it comes to treating and respecting his fans.


Recently, Sachin was spotted playing gully cricket with fans on the streets of Mumbai.

We will tell you exactly what happened. Sachin, who was in his car, was passing through a street when he spotted a bunch of young men playing cricket on the roadside. And being the cricket enthusiast that he is, Sachin stopped his car and stepped out to join the young men in the gentleman’s sport.


Those men were surprised and excited, to say the least, to watch their idol play gully cricket with them.

Watch the videos here:

Part 1-


Part 2-


Sachin truly surprised his fans with his humble and kind gesture. The master blaster did not care about security or mobs of fans before getting down from his car and can be seen enjoying the sport of gully cricket which is a part essentially of India.


Watching the ‘God of Cricket’ play cricket on the streets, many people who were passing by in their cars stopped to watch him and meet him.


Sachin Tendulkar surely made their day with his amazing surprise. It definitely was a red letter day for his fans who got to meet him and watch him play.