The Indian cricket star Virat Kohli and B-town diva Anushka might not have confirmed and remained tight-lipped about their relationship, but their frequent public appearances are no less proofs. From celebrating each other’s birthday together to attending friends’ weddings,  couple has been spotted together many times which has  obviously spoken way more than their own words.

anushka-story-+-fb_647_040716102948However, Virushka who are currently in Uttarakhand (Anushka belongs from there) to welcome the new year along with their families are rumoured to get engaged on the new year’s eve itself. As reported by a bollywood news portal, Virat and Anushka are staying in a hotel in Narendra Nagar, 17kms away from Dehradun. According the reports, even the staff of that hotel has confirmed about the planned grand ceremony which will be attended by various celebs and cricketers.

Anushka recently expressed her wish to get married, just like every other girl, but didn’t mention when. Also, Virat’s mother has been quite anxious to get him married. So, is their marriage really on the cards?

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