Virat Kohli Dedicates His 71st Century To His Wife Anushka Sharma!

Virat Kohli reached his 71st international century and maiden t20i century on 8th September. The over score of team India was 222 out of 2 wickets and Virat Kohli’s scored 122 scores weighing 65 per cent of the overall team’s score.

After the match, in the interview, Kohli said that the past couple of months have been a rough path for him. And I had to control my emotions in many areas of my life. And I had someone by my side while I was in a bad time.

That was my wife ‘Anushka Sharma ‘, and I dedicate this century to her. For holding my hand when I needed it, Virat said. This defines how Virat plays things in his life. Because without support no one can achieve this kind of result.

The emotion displayed on Kohli’s face tells us,  how important cricket is to him. Normally we see Virat Kohli, who has more active on the ground. Speaking to the opponent to play a mind game and pull the arrogance out.

But in this game he was completely different, ly enjoyed his batting. Initially took enough time to settle and then smash the ball to the stands. Laughing at sixers and dancing at the non-striker end.

Some cricketers like ab De Villiers, Suresh Raina, and Hassan Ali were wished, Virat Kohli. Many people around the world show their respect for him because scoring the 71st century and matched Ricky Ponting’s level. Not to mention after from long break is not an easy task.

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