Virat Kohli Was Presented With A Special Cap By India Coach Rahul Dravid On His 100th Test Match!

The day has arrived for king Kohli as he plays his 100th test for the country. Averaging more than fifty runs across all the formats it is an understatement to say that Virat Kohli deserves the felicitation. Virat once stated how MS Dhoni’s words have helped him throughout his career and maintain consistency throughout his career and even said how Dhoni helped him in the early years of captaincy.

It would be fitting to say that this is one of the most significant accomplishments of his life, and to celebrate his career on this historic day, he was joined by his wife Anushka Sharma on the field for his felicitation. He is the only 12th Indian to achieve this and joins the elite group of only 71 players globally who have played 100 tests or more.

As teammates and Anushka Sharma cheered, the king received his crown in the form of a ceremonial 100th test cap from the head coach Rahul Dravid. The work he has done in his life, all the blood and sweat and shattering of the records over the years Virat Kohli has engraved his name in the history books forever. Virat was very content with the fact, that he received the cap from his childhood hero and recalled his U-15 NCA days when he had his photo clicked with the legend.

Whether you are a fan or not, one can not disagree how much Virat as a player and person has developed and matured over the years. From making just 4 of 15 balls in his debut against West Indies in 2011 to making 8000+ runs to date we all have seen the young Delhi boy grow into a legend. Virat also has seven double centuries under his belt that makes him a part of an elite five-member group who have more or are tied  at the same number

Undoubtedly his best praise would be considered the one he got from his mentor Sachin Tendulkar. He stated that the few moments he shared the dressing room with Virat Kohli proved to be enough for him to realize that the young kid was a quick learner and would do great things in the future. He said how he used to feel when young kids looked up to him and, it became his duty to inspire young kids positively and how Virat has been very successful to do the same.

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