Visuals From Tourist Spots Worried The Government, This Is A Serious Cause Of Concern, Says Government

People are flocking to crowded markets and tourists places in Himachal Pradesh especially to Shimla, Kullu-Manali, and Dharamsala following relaxation in Covid-19-induced restrictions has worried the authorities about the imminent threat of coronavirus third wave in the country.

Authorities termed it a serious cause of concern as visuals from tourist spots of people mingling without adhering to COVID protocols could exacerbate the Covid-19 situation in the coming days. Asserting that lowering of the guard cannot be accepted at present, state government officials appealed to the people to comply with Covid-19 norms as the threat of virus is still looming and there is a need to take safety measures to contain virus spread.

“We cannot lower our guard. A new risk is being seen at markets and tourist spots where a gathering of crowds being seen, social distancing, and mask protocol is not being followed. This is a serious cause of concern,” said Dr. VK Paul, Member-Health, Niti Aayog during a press conference here.

“Visuals from tourist spots of people mingling without Covid protocols a serious cause of concern. This has been highlighted in the Union Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he added during the press conference.


He also castigated the local authorities and said that it is also the responsibility of the local administration to ensure compliance od Covid-19 norms at tourist sites. He stressed that pregnant women should receive the vaccine and guidelines on vaccination for pregnant women have been issued by the ministry. During pregnancy, if a woman is infected with COVID-19 then its seriousness increases. Complications and chances of pre-mature delivery also increased. It can affect a woman’s health as well as the child’s. Vaccines can be given during menstruation and there is no risk of infertility, Dr. Paul said.

Meanwhile, following pictures of jam-packed crowds on street in Manali and other places went viral on social media, many people including the government expressed concern and disappointment over social distancing while people on social media also took a jibe sharing memes and jokes on them.

A user, while sharing a photo of a crowded street of Manali on Twitter, wrote, “Feel like apologizing for all my tweets criticizing @narendramodi during 2nd Wave. This is what Manali is right now & I fear for what India will be in the coming months.”

Another user said, Pics from #Manali, where beds are running out in hotels. If we go on like this, soon there will be another episode of “No beds in Hospital” that will hit reality soon! I know it’s hard not to go out and all, but people this pandemic is a real nightmare. Please be responsible 🤦🏻‍♀️.

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