Wait, what! Beyhadh actor arrested on the charges of RAPE

By admin

November 25, 2017

Yes, we are as shocked as you! Latest reports suggest that Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev has been arrested on the charges of rape. He was arrested after a complaint against him at the Versova police station. Piyush Sahdev was last seen on the show ‘Beyhadh’ where he played the role of ‘Samay’. He has been charged with rape under section 376.

Piyush was married to Akanksha Rawat but he recently parted ways with him. He confirmed the news saying that he and his wife have mutually filed for separation and their divorce is in process. Meanwhile, there were also reports that the reason behind their separation is Piyush’s extra-marital affair with one of his colleagues from the creative team of the show Beyhadh.

As per reports, this colleague has taken him to court. Piyush on the other hand issued a public statement where he wrote an apology to his friends and followers for getting abusive texts. He said he couldn’t access his e-mail account and hopes that it doesn’t get misued. However, according to sources, Piyush did all this purposely to save himself from all those messages he had sent to that girl.


Here is what his wife had to say about all of this. She said, “I have not been in touch with Piyush since the last four months. So, I am not aware of anything.” The two have been living separately since April this year, and last month, she filed a police complaint for cruelty and harassment against him.