Breakups can be tough, especially when you’ve been with him for a while. One cannot easily move on from a serious relationship because of all the memories that the two of you have shared. It’s not just the memories but you two develop a habit of one another which is very hard to get rid of. Even after breakups and all the drama, one tends to remember the good memories more than the bad experiences and this makes the breakup only harder.

But many-a-times even after breaking up, he calls and message you to get back together. Guys can be very persuasive when they are determined to get something (in this case it’s you) and it becomes very difficult and confusing to make the decision of a patch-up.

So if you are giving second thoughts to it, here are some tips to help you make a decision.

You still have feelings for him

This is the first and foremost thing to consider. You might have broken up but you still can’t get over the feelings you have for him. You think about him all the time and at times you might even feel like talking to him just to hear his voice. Thinking about the other person is very common post breakup but if you feel like this is something that is on your mind all the time, reconsider the breakup.

He finds reasons to meet/talk to you

If he finds even a small reason just to talk to you or meet you every now and then, he might still want you in his life. He obviously cares enough to do all this. If he wasn’t interested, he would have just forgotten about you and started things with someone else.

Your breakup was a heated reaction

Not all breakups are a consequence of a serious and well thought of decision. Sometimes you breakup just because you feel like you don’t want to be with the person at the moment and you just call it off without thinking it through. But once you cool-off, you instantly start regretting your decision and feel terrible for it. If this is the case, talk it out with your partner and try working things out because this ‘in the moment’ breakup doesn’t even count as a major reason to separate ways.

You both are still active on each other’s social media

Having each other still added gives a clear sign that the two of you want each other presence felt in your life and that you want to know what the other person is up to. Usually after a breakup, couples remove each other from their social handles and at times even delete all the pictures and posts that they shared of each other. And if you still like and comment on each other’s post, things couldn’t be clearer. You definitely should be with one another.

He’s in contact with your friends and family

Breakups can be very messy and this is not only limited to the two people in the relationship but also includes their friends and family. Cutting off ties with a person includes cutting off ties with everything that is related to him including his friends (unless they are mutual) and family. But if still see him talking to them, it’s a sign that he still wants you and can’t get over you.

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