Do you want to become emotionally strong? Follow these tips

Someone has rightly said, “Don’t let emotions overweigh your intelligence”. If you find yourself worried, stressed and heart-broken too often over what others say, you are not too strong with emotions. And in this mean world, being an emotional fool may end you up in truck loads of problems. But remember, you cannot fix the world but you can fix yourself. So why lead a gloomy life while being emotionally stressed when you can actually enjoy it to the core by following the below written points.

  1. Trust Yourself: If you do not believe your abilities, beauty and talent; no power in the world can make others believe in you then. Stop giving damn about what others think about you for this is the most endearing quality that happy and successful people have. Be yourself! No one can ever be like you and this is your strength.
  2. Distance yourself with anything that makes you feel low: It is your life and it is your right to live a happy life. Stay away from the things and people that make you feel constantly low. Learn to differentiate between healthy criticism and bitter words intended to bring you down. Be it your best friend who keeps nagging you or your boyfriend who give stress more than happiness, let him or her go.
  3. Express your heart out: Emotions are meant to be expressed. Never in your life shy away from speaking your heart out. If you feel like crying, cry out loud. Don’t be fearful of people’s judgment meter, it anyway remains on all the time. Keeping your emotions to yourself will only lead to choked heart and stressful assumptions. Not expressing emotions can make the situation worse, for you will be thinking every bit negative.
  4. Don’t seek other’s affirmation: Keep your opinion about yourself first, for no one knows you better than anyone else. Stop waiting for others’ validation to be assured about yourself. After all, you are beautiful and amazing; you don’t need anyone to tell you this. Right?
  5. Stop looking for happiness outside: This is the most important one. We look for happiness from other people forgetting the fact that happiness lies within us and doesn’t depend on others. Happiness is a conscious decision. No one can make you happy until your thoughts are not good. The ultimate key to be happy is to keeping your thoughts healthy.
  6. Shoo negativity: A boat never sinks until it allows water to enter it. Similarly, unless you allow negativity to hover over your life negativity cannot affect you.  Learn from the past experiences and try not to repeat them. People do disappoint and hurt us, but that doesn’t mean we will waste our energy and thoughts over those undeserving peeps? Nope.
  7. Learn to enjoy your own company: Most of us are often too hesitant to watch a movie alone at a theatre or to eat a meal at restaurant with no one to accompany. But, trust me, nothing is more delighting than learning to enjoy your own company. You will need no one to emotionally depend upon! No heart-breaks. And no one to complain about for not giving you enough time. Dance, eat, cook, read, sleep, travel, listen to music and embrace yourself. It will introduce you to the real you.