The immensely talented and youngest of her counterparts, yet the most successful diva of bollywood, Alia Bhatt recently in an interview expressed her wish to get married early in her life. Bollywood actresses usually do not tie the wedding know in the mid 20’s out of the fear of hitting low on career. The practise of actress expiration after wedding, in Bollywood, makes most of the leading ladies choose to get settled down in their late 30’s than in the younger age so as to not lose their upon their career.


However, Alia has a different viewpoint along with an advantage. She expressed the reason why does she want to settle down early in life and said, ““I do want to settle down early (in life) because I have an advantage of having started off (in career) very early. That way (getting married), I can get done with it and continue (in my career). Also, I don’t want to settle down too late in life because that also has its own issues. But honestly, I’m not thinking about it or planning as of now”.

Actresses have seldom got married in young age thinking about very less offers following aftermath. Alia might be the first one, if she does so and change this persistent trend.

You go girl, Alia! But hey, what does her boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra has to say on this, we wonder!

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