When will we get over Religion-based discrimination? When? Through the years we all have been seeing it, facing it and it’s still here, right here internally weakening the nation.

How funny it is to humiliate someone on the basis of their religion? With India heading towards a more educated population, there are people who still too illiterate to understand how important it is to bring this discrimination to an end.

This recent incident will shock you for a moment. It happened when two young men were seated on the senior citizens’ seats and when an elderly old man asked them to let him sit, they vehemently denied and abused him. These two young men of the capital didn’t look of anything other than his attire that looked like that of a Muslim man and said,

“This seat is for Hindustanis not for Pakistanis like you. If you want a seat go to Pakistan and get it there.”


The episode has been shared by Kavita Krishnan who is a women’s rights activist. She shared that Santosh Roy, AICCTU’s National Secretary supported the elderly man. The two guys were so shameless that they held his collar and asked him to go to Pakistan when they were asked by the cops to apologise to him.

However, look how the victim reacted. Santosh shared, “The elderly gentleman had given a written statement that he accepted the apology from the two young men and that he had forgiven them keeping in mind their young age.”

It is high time that we all stand up together with all the vulnerable communities and let them know that they are not alone. While some people will make an effort, others will still keep mum when they see people getting abused in public. However, if we really wish to make a difference, we can!

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