“Was in mental asylum and an unknown girl used to give me….” Siddharth Sagar finally opens up!

Just yesterday, we told you about the missing mystery of The Kapil Sharma Show fame comedian Siddharth Sagar. One of his friends had posted a status stating that Siddharth was not traceable and has been missing from last 4 months. She wrote, “You guys remember him Sidharth Sagar aka selfie Mausi urf Naseer this guy is missing since 4 month last seen on 18 November 2017. Nobody knows where he is. He is my very good friend please help me find him spread this as much as u can.”

The news of his disappearance spread like a wildfire and caused a ruckus among his friends, fans and media. However, as soon as Siddharth got to know about the concerns of friends and media, he posted a small video on Instagram. In the video, he said that he is safe now but was in a huge mess before that. He also made a shocking revelation that his family used to mentally harass him.

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“Seeing the concern of my friends and media, I am posting this video. Yes, I had filed an NC (non-cognizable report) against my family as I was mentally harassed by them. But now, whereever I am, they are in complete support of me. Can’t reveal much. Within 1-2 days will address the media and share all the details.”

right now im in safe hands …will update you guys in 2-3days

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He did’t reveal much in the video but has given a clearer picture of what all happened in the last 4 months in his first interview after his disappearance. And mind you, it is really very shocking!

A leading entertainment portal got in touch with him to ask about his mysterious missing. “I have been going through a lot of ups and downs since last one year,” he said. “I didn’t touch base with anyone because I was scared and I knew that my disappearance has caused a number of complications already,” he further told.

The famous comedian plans to organise a press conference as soon as possible to share what exactly happened! “I have spoken to my manager, Shekhar, to arrange for a press conference soon,” he said!

However, the shocking part is that all this while, Siddharth was admitted in a mental asylum. “All I can tell you that I was admitted to a mental asylum. My family has been involved in property dispute for long and my parents were influenced. I saw how patients in the asylum were being subjected to shock treatment and was beginning to slip into depression. No one knows of my whereabouts at the moment, but all I can tell you is that the people I am with currently have helped me overcome the trauma,” he said!

Shocking! Isn’t it? When asked if he ever tried to come out from the asylum, he said, “I requested people to go out and inform my well-wishers that I am stuck here but no one helped me.”

That’s not all! He further revealed that an unknown girl was giving him some tablets. “My family was influenced. A girl, I don’t know who, was giving me some tablets because of which I would completely lose my mind,” he told Spotboye!

Well, let us also tell you, Siddharth is reported to not share a good rapport with his mother, who was alleged used to confine him in home. When media approached Siddharth’s mom, she had said that he was missing in action because he was suffering with dengue. Her husband, however, rubbished these claims.

We feel so sorry that such a talented gem like Siddharth Sagar had to go through all this, all because of his mother. Let’s see, what more he has to say in the press conference! We wish him oodles of professional success and a happy personal life.


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