Was the old school ways better when it comes to 21st century relationships?

Still the old charm of the romance creates a magic over all of. We still admire the old school romance and want to have a relationship where the man would behave in the old charismatic ways. In today’s world everything has become super-fast however when it comes to relationships we want something which is slow, stable and durable. A person whom we can trust and spend the rest of our life with them.
Here are few reasons why old school romance was and is still much better than today’s speedy dating:


In today’s world there isn’t much stability when it comes to relationships. People live in a constant fear that there partner may leave them or might cheat on them. This was not the case in earlier times. Once a person loved someone they loved them from all their heart. In today’s world most of the people have become opportunist. They tend to love a person when they feel they can gain something out of that person. However materialistic things like profit or loss should not be seen in love. One should love and be loved purely with all the love they have.

Not meeting everyday but knowing that he is always there for you:

Earlier people did not meet every day still they knew that the person the love and admire is always there for them. These days with the advancement of technology life has become even more demanding and people don’t hold each other’s back the way it was previously done. People tend to move out of relationships for silly reasons without caring about emotions.

While dating one would know they would be the only one:

Earlier people did not casually date. They used to date a person when they truly loved a person and planned a future with them. It was a good system as no one was kept in darkness about their intentions or plans. In today’s world when people date they aren’t even sure that would this person really be the lucky one.

People won’t just move in and out of relationships:

Earlier when people got into a relationship they held onto their promises. They did not just move out of the relationship whenever they just wanted to without any definite reason. They held their love at the top most priority and valued the emotions more than the materialistic gains.

There was love, acceptance and sacrifice:

Earlier when people fell in love they valued it a lot. They had feeling of sacrifice, acceptance and had an emotional connect. In today world more focus is given on the physical relations. After sometime the physical attraction goes away and then the relationship becomes really drab. It is always better to stay with a person one loves rather than one with whom one feels physically attracted.

Strong family system:

Strong family system is very important for a society. Broken families not just make the people who are getting separated unhappy, rather affects the kid’s psychology as well. To make the generations happy kids have to be taught selfless love and the value of emotions more than the materialistic gains.


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