For a majority of the population, the one fear that is very widespread is stage fear. The fear of speaking up in public, the fear of showing your true self to an audience who is all set to judge. But this scary task is the first step ‘now popular’ celebs had to take to get accepted into the industry. In short, they had to give an audition.

And these are auditions for which numerous people applied! Getting chosen from such a lot is really something and no matter how impressed one may feel by these celeb’s first performance, these are still hilarious to look at. (In a good way of course).

In Anushka Sharma’s first Audition she had to cry and fight! And it is a treat to watch.

Alia Bhatt proves that if an act requires drama, then a teen is all that is needed for a role!


Salman Khan’s audition for ‘Maine pyar kyu kia’. His face looks so mainstream in this!

Omi Vaidya our beloved silencer is funny as hell in his first audition as well.

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