WATCH: Jacqueline Fans Out Their! Jacqueline Launches Her YouTube Channel

Actor Jacqueline Fernandez launches her YouTube channel to connect with her audience. The social butterfly knows how to love her fans back. She knows as an actress how important it is for her to engage with them. To showcase her perspectives, sharing her life and understanding her audience through the feedback is a great move.

The actress is quite active on digital media and why she shouldn’t be, it’s 2019 after all. On Tuesday, Jacqueline took to her Instagram and went live to launch her channel. As expected her comments section flooded with the news. The very first video gives us a few glimpses of her childhood. The video proceeds in a sequence such that it shows her life’s journey. In the video she next introduces her family, then a few glimpses of her first ramp walk to her turning point in life, the title of Miss Sri Lanka.

In one of her videos Jacqueline said, “Looking back, I think I always had a special relationship with the camera. I feel I have always been camera-friendly — a happy little kid. I have two people to thank for that — my dad and my mom.” She further added, “As I grew up, so did my dreams and so did the size of the ramp… I was only 21 when I got a chance to be at Miss Universe. Although I didn’t win, this gave me enough confidence to chase my dreams, and that somehow got me to Mumbai. That is a story I will tell you later.”

We can make sure that Jacqueline is going to have millions of subscribers. The dimpled beauty or as we may say the next princess Diana makes our hearts go tsum-tsum with her adorable smile. Well her channel launch comes after actress Alia Bhatt’s YouTube channel, where Alia shares about her life with fans. Jacqueline pretty much has the same purpose.

Expressing that she values the bond she shares with her fans, she concluded her first video by saying, “The journey of mine had its ups and downs, but it has been a Bollywood-themed crazy roller-coaster ride.All my life I have been surrounded by the camera. This time, it is different because this is my camera.”

Talking about her acting career, Jacqueline will next be seen in Netflix’s upcoming thriller Mrs. Serial Killer. It is helmed by Shirish Kunder and produced by wife Farah Khan.



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