On the occasion of International Women’s Day, actresses Taapse Paanu and Swara Bhaskar, both known for their bold attitudes, came up with an online video on “How much cleavage is good?” Taking a sarcastic dig on the ‘Cleavage Stigma’ which indeed is quite prevalent in our society, both the actresses urged women to be proud of their bodies.

I am sure, as a girl, you also think twice about the neckline before going out, for too much of revelation might threaten your safety. But what is that ‘too much’, no one really knows! Even half inch or no show is enough for filthy-minded people to attack your dignity. But being a woman, never yourself indulge in self-doubt and feel ashamed about your body.

Watch this powerful video starring Swara Bhaskar and Taapse Paanu as they answer the much needed question, “How much cleavage is good?”

The video is already viral on Internet and the actresses are winning hearts across! Indeed, it is super high time for this anarchic judgemental attitude against women, their bodies and dress sense, to end.  And as women, it is ‘the time’ to be confident about our bodies, opinions and most importantly, ourselves.

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