Ways to hangout with your girl when you’re on a tight budget

Are you looking for something fun to do with your girlfriends this weekend? But tight on a budget? Don’t worry, we got the best solutions for you. Here is the list of budget-friendly and fun things to do with you ladies, swipe up.

1. Movie night at home
What’s better than snuggling up and watching a movie with your girls? You can make some popcorns and sip hot chocolate. Your home could be one of the peaceful places that will allow the girls to talk and laugh freely. It’s a perfect night to put on pajamas and be comfy.


2. Barbecue and bonfire
We are all finding cozy places to visit this winter but barbecue with bonfire solves everything! It is time to open up a bottle of wine. Smoked meat and grilled cheese sandwiches will lead to an unbeatable night experience.

3. Bring-a-dish dinner

Potluck dinner is a popular concept not only in the States, but also in India. It involves everyone to bring in a course or dish to have a good balanced dinner get-together. It saves time and is one of the effortless way to have an amazing night with friends.


4. Plan a picnic
Lets save one of the sunniest days for our friends! All it takes is a basket with sheets, dishes, a bottle of wine in it. Bring a pillow to get a more comfortable evening. You can bring badminton rackets or board games like crossword to make it memorable.

5. Thrift Shopping
Let’s forget about the shopping malls, and visit local and flea markets with the girls. It is time to leave the debit cards at home. Thrift shopping is a fun way to purchase petty things for your household at a low price. If you have never done it before, give it a try. It’s worth it!

6. Go to the local park
Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be that special. Take a frisbee or just stroll in the park for some great fun conversations in the fresh air. Good way to have a fun evening.

7. Ride a bike
Try something new which would not only snatch the boredom away but also serve as a healthy activity. Grab your bikes, girls! Let’s hit the road!


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