Ways To Kill Time When Travelling

Long-distance travelling might be tiresome and boring. When you need to wait for your connecting flight, sometimes for hours, you dream about some activities that would kill time and keep your mind occupied, instead of checking a watch and flight board. In this article, you will find a few examples of creative, interesting or productive ways to spend time when travelling.

Read or listen

If you don’t have any problems with concentrating in a busy environment, one of the best ways to productively spend time when travelling is reading. Don’t forget to pack a book or download an e-book on your phone, tablet or e-book reader. As you are on holiday you can easily choose something light, a guilty pleasure – simply, a book you always wanted to read, but you thought you should rather choose something more serious. If you don’t know what to choose, you can always check a list of holiday reads on sites like https://www.panmacmillan.com/.

However, if you don’t like to read in a crowd, but you would want to engage in a story and spend some nice time at an airport or train station, there are thousands of audiobooks to choose from. You can also listen to a podcast, as they’ve become so popular that there is one for every field.   

Watch a TV show or film

Packing a tablet or notebook might be a good idea if you are a TV series lover. Why? Because you watch your favourite films and series when travelling. All you need is a set of headphones and an Internet connection. Whenever there is an option to download a video (legally) to watch it offline, you should do it so that you might watch it even on a plane.


There are other ways to spend time, not necessarily productive but certainly fun. When waiting for a flight, train or bus, you can play a game on your mobile phone. You have numerous options to choose from, including logic games, adventure ones or puzzles and quizzes. If you prefer more serious games, there is something with a bit of adrenaline rush included – online casinos and slots. However, always remember to pick secure sites to play, such as https://www.vegasslotsonline.com/. You can select one of the listed options, being sure that you can play safe. Don’t forget about VPN and avoid using public Internet connections.   

Catch up on work or school

This suggestion belongs to the productive category. When you have nothing much to do and not many distractions, you can do what you’ve been avoiding for the last days or even weeks – you can catch up on work or school. Finish the project, do homework, organize documents or simply do whatever needs to be done. You will get over it just as the holiday starts.

Colour a picture

Bring a few colourful pens and pencils with you, print a picture to colour and relax when waiting for your means of transport. Colouring is calming and time-consuming, so you will not get nervous about possible delays, and the time will move faster. You can always have a little colouring book with you in your purse or backpack, it doesn’t weigh that much.


When waiting for a plane or train to reach a destination, you can spend this time on planning – assuming you haven’t done this already. Find out what attractions you might want to visit, check the ticket prices, plan every day hour by hour or at least generally determine what you want to do on your holiday.  


Learning doesn’t sound like fun when on holiday, but you have too much time on your hands anyway. If you are travelling abroad to a foreign-speaking country, you might want to pick up some useful words and phrases. One of the best options is to use an app that you might find on sites like https://www.lingualift.com/. When you arrive at your destination, you will be able to say a few words and communicate with the locals – more or less. At least you will be able to say or understand something of this foreign language in the country you have travelled to.

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