Ways to raise a well-rounded Child

It is every parents dream raise a well-rounded child. We all want our children to feel confident; competent and grow up satisfied with their achievements and ambitions. We do our every bit to establish a solid support system at home to inculcate the right value system but still feel a void. First and foremost we may consider these seven techniques while raising a child who is well-balanced, healthy, and happy with her accomplishments. It will take consistency, dedication, and patience,” says Michele Borba, Ed.D., an advisor for Parents and the author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions.

Encourage Their Special Attributes:

Every child is unique and gifted with different skills and talents. These special attributes may or may not show up in our traditional school system, but there are many kids who shine after the last school bell has rung for the day. After school extracurricular activities like an art or music class may open their minds, but it is not that your wallet needs to be involved every time you desire something special for the kid. “Do not underestimate the power of unstructured play,” says Stiffelman. Playing catch or dancing and running with them in the yard, would in fact develop more closeness along with providing opportunities for their physical, personal and even intellectual development. In fact finding a new hobby or two which you may enjoy along with your kid would inspire them to try new things in life and educate them without putting any extra burden on them.
Judicially Praise their Efforts
Research by Dr. Carol Dweck, of Stanford University and a renowned researcher in the field for Success and achievements reveal that a person’s mind-set may influence their behaviour. While parenting she therefore suggests that the child should be praised for their hard work rather than calling them ”smart “ or “talented” as that would form a mind-set. As people with a pre conceived notion or fixed mind-sets are generally reluctant to undertake life challenges. Those who feel they can win over any situation with hard work are generally more willing to face life challenges bravely because they have learnt over a period of time that hard work is always rewarded. “Above all, keep in mind that the grade is not what motivates a top student to succeed—it’s his inner drive for learning,” adds Borba.

Identify Your Child’s Own Learning Style:

Harvard researcher Howard Gardner has identified eight different kinds of intelligence’s. There is a different way through which each child learns best. Every child has their own unique linguistic, musical, logical, interpersonal and mathematical traits therefore they would respond differently to the same teaching style. Here the trick is to identify her/his learning style. Like if your child is a more visual person try using flash cards to help her with her lessons. However if your child is smart and confident around people help him/her improve their vocabulary by associating descriptive words to different people. Thus your child would learn in a play way method. Moreover children are curious to know by nature. Never shun them or reprimand them for asking questions. Always answer their queries by providing correct information. Never feed them with wrong information.

Read To Your Child:

If you regularly read stories to preschoolers and maintain a library at home, it encourages language development and reading skills in the child. There is no such thing as too early when you show the picture books to your child. This habit ensures future success in school. Remember even if the kid is unable to understand everything that is being read to them they will notice the rhythms and vocabulary of the language, in which you are reading,” explains Susan M. Heim, author of It’s Twins! Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy Through Adolescence. Moreover it also helps the children emotionally.

Eat Together:

Don’t fret over your poor cooking skills, your child is still sure to reap the emotional reward by conversing with you while eating. Informal discussions with your child helps build a strong value system in them when they inadvertently lap up the information you provide them along with the food. The child also learns to express themselves in this informal environment.


Set a proper bedtime for your kids. Don’t change and keep it same every single night. Turn off the gadgets like computer or TV thirty minutes before the set time. If they have access to cell phone, take it away from them. This habit will be beneficial for your child even in the long run. It is very important to get enough sleep to perform well. Most of the kids in this modern age are going sleep deprived which is not only hampering their performance in school but is also affecting their mental health.

Hugs and kisses:

A tight embrace and a peck on their cheek will relax your child of any tension that your child may be experiencing. Dole out as many hugs as possible to your child as “There’s nothing like the human touch to give a child a sense of security,” says Heim. Studies have shown that kids who do not get affection may suffer from stress and other mental ailments which can hamper their learning efficiency. So parents best of luck for raising balanced citizens of tomorrow.


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