Our nails are actually a strong layer of Keratin which is a protein (Yes KERATIN what did you think calcium?!). This is the same protein that makes up our hair and so our nails need just as much care as our hair. When we want soft, shiny and strong nails, we condition and take care of our hair but what do we do with our nails? The time we spend on our hair is also needed for our nails and so here is a sure shot short-cut to grow nails within a week (though it takes some time).


What you’ll need:

A bowl of hot water


Extra virgin olive oil


What you’ll need to do:

Mix all and wait for the water to cool down (or add some cold water). Now dip your hand in this mixture for 30 minutes (yep, half an hour). Do this every day for about a week and watch your nails grow faster, stronger and shinier.

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