Weekly Horoscope from 11th February – 17th February 2018

By Jayashree Cyrus

February 12, 2018


There can be some changes in your friendships and romantic relations. During this week, a powerful new moon will trigger your long-term relations and friendships. You may witness changes in your romantic relationships as well. Please try to be practical in dealing with all the relationships, especially with those, you want in your life for a long term. They are very sensitive, so please don’t experiment with these relations. Minor physical issues and emotional hurdles are also seen. This is a good time for research and analysis. You may plan for long trips. Charity deeds are also seen. This week can be a little complex in many ways.


Some changes are seen at your workplace. A powerful new moon will trigger your workspace and relationship with boss and colleagues. New projects and additions in the existing projects can also come up. This is a time to please your bosses, so use this time for that. Mercury will move into the sector for collective projects, group efforts, long-term associations, children, and profits. There are a lot of chances for stress in your long-term relations. Please try to communicate clearly regarding your plans. Otherwise, others may misunderstand you. You may try to join new groups. Opportunities for team activities are also seen.


A powerful new moon will trigger the sector for foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. New beginnings are indicated by New moon. It can be related to writing and publishing opportunities. Long Trips and interaction with people from a different culture are seen. New developments related to higher studies are also seen. Opportunities to learning and teaching will also come up. Students will find this time as very crucial. Your work sector and ambitions are also highlighted. Please try to communicate worthy matters at work.



The new moon is bringing new changes related to partnerships and finances. Please try to be flexible in your partnerships. They may ask you to change your strategies. New joint ventures or changes in the joint ventures can come up. You must practice cost-cutting, otherwise, there can be a financial crunch in the coming days. There could be some emotional stress due to finances and partnerships too. The sector for long trips and higher studies also inactivation. You may plan for long trips and opportunities for higher studies are waiting for you. Interest towards spirituality and philosophical debates will come up. Opportunities for writing and publishing will also come up.



Your partnerships from the personal and professional domain will be very prominent during this week. A powerful new moon will trigger them, and you will see changes in the existing partnerships from both the domains. You may look for a new partner. Married people should try to improve their relationship. A new romantic relationship may come up. This may be not a great time to take a new step, instead, you do an analysis on what you expect from this relationship. One to one discussions regarding your partnerships can come up. Please don’t take quick decisions in financial matters as you are facing some crisis in financial stability. Emotional issues should not be ignored, and you should use this time for healing them. An interest towards mystical sciences is seen. You should have a control on your speech, otherwise, you may ruin your peace and happiness.


The sector for health, colleagues, and work is totally alive these days. During this week, a powerful new moon will bring a lot of focus on these matters. Health-related issues can come up, you should ignore your health. Please take good food and mediation. Prevention is always better than cure. There can be new projects or new developments at your work. You can have concerns related with your colleagues. Your colleagues may be very demanding, and your health may not be permitting you to go an extra mile in satisfying them. Partnerships from personal and professional domains can also be important. There will be one to one discussions. Please have clear and valid points when you go for these discussions.


You will see new changes in your own ventures and ventures with your creative skills. A powerful new moon will new events to use your creative skills. This is a time to revise your strategies regarding your romantic relationships. New people can come into your life. Opportunities for parties and entertainment programs can come up. Your work sector is also very important. Projects from communication and technology-related sector will come up. There are struggles related with your communication skills, so control your speech. Minor health issues, arguments with colleagues and minor financial crunch is also seen.


Your personal life and home front are highly active these days. During this week, the activation will be in a higher mode, so, your family sector and life will be very eventful. Real estate deals can come up. Relocation or travelling from home is also seen. Furnishing and clutter clearing will also be a part of this week. You will go for family meetings and discussions related with serious issues are seen. Please don’t to understand your parents and relatives. Please be careful with your real estate deals. You will try to improve your family life. Mercury will be moving into the sector for romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative business. Since Mercury indicates speech, you must be very careful with what you talk regarding the above-said matters.


You are actively multi-tasking during these days. In the coming days, you will be very busy. The sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing is highly activated. You will be busy with work related to media, communication, and technology. You may meet your siblings and siblings like people will be coming to you. Short trips, short courses and close interaction with electronic devices are also seen. Mercury will, be moving into your family and the home front. You will discuss the possibilities of various real estate deals. Please be careful in these projects. Relocation and furnishing related plans can come up. You may go for family meetings.


Finance and family front will be in huge activation. A powerful new moon will bring changes or new developments in the above-said sectors. You must practice cost-cutting methods, otherwise, you may have a financial crunch in the coming days. This is a good time to look for part-time projects. Works sector will be active. There are chances for emotional stress, so you will have to deal with it. Otherwise, it may reflect as physical issues. Try to be realistic and practical. Mercury will be moving into the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. Mercury indicates speech, communication, and technology, so you will have a lot of activity with your communication skills. Since Mercury is not in a great mode here, you may get work stress and your communication can get complicated.


Your personal life is again inactivation. So, your personal life will be eventful. A powerful new moon will trigger this sector and you will try to bring some changes in your personal life. You will take new decisions, regarding your relationships. Minor physical issues are also seen. You may new responsibilities. The finance sector is also highly active. Mercury will move into this sector, and it can things little complicated. Please take care of communication, when you go for discussions related with your business projects. At work, you may get projects from creative and communication-related domains. This is a good time to get part-time projects. Practice cost cutting as well.


There will be a lot to communicate during this week, but the communication issues should not put you into any problem. Mercury, the planet of communication and speech will move into the sector for self, perspective, ambitions, physical body, and personality. Venus is also there, you may go through minor confusion regarding your personal life. Minor physical issues can also come up. You may get new beginnings but think twice. Please be clear with your points. Use simple words and express yourself with dignity. You will think about long trips. This is a good time to be silent. Make good plans for your future.