Weekly Horoscope from 21st January – 27th January 2018

By Jayashree Cyrus

January 22, 2018


There will be a lot of focus on your faith and belief systems in the coming days. You will become very ambitious and there will be a zeal for adventure and happiness. Opportunities for higher studies, foreign trips, and interaction with the international community will come up. You will be busy in planning for your future. Long-term plans will come up. Opportunities to join new organizations, new team ventures also will come up. You will have a lot to communicate with your colleagues and bosses. They also will be interacting a lot with you. Communication, electronics and technology related projects can also come up.


Your finances and partnership will get highlighted. There will be a lot of interaction with your partners in life as well as work. They will have different views than yours. Please try to be careful with your finances. This is not a great time to spend a lot. Shared projects and activities with joint assets are also seen. Your work and family sector will need a balancing. Both the sectors are active. At work, you are looking for new responsibilities. Creative projects can come up. Interaction with bosses and new plans for career is also seen.



From this week onwards, your partnership sector will be in a very active mode. Legal relationships are very much highlighted. Please don’t try to be a highly dominating person that will ruin the existing relationships. Please be flexible regarding new changes in the existing partnerships. New relationships can come from the personal as well as professional domain. Long trips and opportunities for teaching, preaching, and counseling will come up. You will meet new people during the long journeys. This is a good time to meet people from different culture. You may have a lot of questions regarding your faith and spirituality. This is a good time to get closer to philosophy and religion.


Mars will energize the sector for health, liabilities, and colleagues. You may have to be very careful with all these factors. In the coming days, you may have to go an extra mile in being happy with your health and colleagues. Team discussions with your colleagues are seen. They will have different expectations from you. New role or a new project from the work sector can come up. Your emotional self also will go through some challenges, if you are reckless with your partners. New joint ventures can come up. This is a time to settle your financial disputes. Please try to be flexible and understand the reality behind your relations. Please have the guts to accept the reality.


You will try to be very creative in the coming days. There are chances to start own ventures and to promote yourself through such projects. You will have to reconsider your plans in the existing romantic relationships. Those who are already in a relationship will try to make it stronger. This is a time to meet likeminded people and move with them. Your partnership sector is also active. There are chances for new developments in the existing relationships. You will get opportunities to improve them. Opportunities for new agreements and contracts are also alive. At this occasion, you should be careful with your opponents as well.



Your family and personal life sector will be very much active. There will be a kind of real estate deals and plans for relocation. You may plan a trip from home. This is a good time to meet with your relatives. This is not a great time to have harmonious relationship with the family, so please move carefully. Family functions are also seen. The Sun is moving through the sector for health, colleagues, and liabilities. You should take due care of your health. Relationship with your colleagues also will be very transformative. Please try to maintain a dignified silence. Creative projects can also come up.



There will be a lot of multitasking from this week onwards. Your life will become very communicative. Siblings and neighbors will be very active with you. Short trips and short courses also can come up. Your communication sector will get highly activated. There can be projects from communication, technology, and media-related sectors. Those who are in a romantic relationship will try to strengthen their relationship. They will have new revelations. This is a time to be with like-minded people and spend some good time. Opportunities for entertainment activities can come up. Creative ventures will make you busy.


This is a time to look at all those important matters in your life. They are family, career, and finances. Please try to save some money for the coming days. This is not a great time to spend too much. Your family can have some concerns related to your lifestyle. There can be heated conversations regarding your personal life. Your career sector is also active. Please be patient with your colleagues. Opportunities for real estate deals and relocation can come up. Plans for family unions and problem-solving are also seen.


You will feel like breaking the chains and being adventurous. Mars is in the sector for your personal life and health. There can be minor health issues due to this aggression. There will be new beginnings in your life. New people can come to you as well. Short travels, short courses, and short communications will make you active. There will be a multitude of projects which can make you scattered. Projects with your communication and technology skill also will come up. Your siblings also will be very active with you. Teaching and training opportunities also can come up.


Mars will move into the sector for emotional stress. You should not do anything which can harm your peace and happiness. If you do so, you may have health issues as well. Try to stay away from all the controversies. Be spiritual and follow a path of meditation and prayer. You may feel like going on long trips. There will be new plans for part-time jobs. You will have to be careful with your finances. At work, there will be new opportunities. Your bosses will be very active with you.


Mars will energize the sector for collective projects and hopes. You will be ambitious, but please don’t overdo anything. There will be changes in the existing projects. You may find changes in the long-term relations as well. Opportunities to work with children and youth groups are also seen. Your personal life is also activated. There can be minor health issues. You will try to improve your looks. Your personal and professional relationships will need a lot of improvement. Please try to adjust with all.


Your career sector will be highly activated. New responsibilities can come up. Your bosses will be active with you. This is a good time for proving your skills, but don’t overdo it. Mercury is moving through the sector for collective projects and long-term relations. You are looking for additions to the long-term projects. There will be a lot of communication in this regard. You can have minor emotional stress, so don’t get involved in any scandals. Try to stay away from all the troublemakers.