Weekly Horoscope from 28th May – 3 June 2018

Your communication-related sector is highly active. So, you may have projects from the communication-related sector. Relationship with your siblings or siblings like people also can be very transformative. Arguments with such people are also possible. You will travel a short distance, training sessions are also seen. This is a very crucial time for all the projects related to communication. Your family sector is also active. Family functions and renovation also can come up. You will try to improve your lifestyle.


You will be focusing more on your finances. There are some concerns regarding your financial stability, so you are on the run to stabilize it. You are looking for part time job or some projects to improve your worth. This is a crucial time for your speech, as you may display harshness in your speech. Please control that tendency. Your communications related sector is also active. You will have projects from writing, editing, and sales related sectors. New projects from this sector and additional projects are also seen. Your siblings also will play an active role in your life. Short travels and interaction with electronic devices are also seen.

Your personal life is activated and you are looking for a transformation. Minor physical issues also can come up. This is a phase for new beginnings. You may have some startups in various sectors of life. New people can come into your life as well. Venus is moving through the sector for finances. This is the time to get some perks or gifts. You will try to get part-time projects to improve your finances as well. You may have to control your expenses as well. You will try to learn something to improve your worth.


You should move carefully because, you will have some challenges, as most of the planets are occupying the sector for struggles. So, you have to move slowly as well as carefully. This is time to be spiritual and silent. Minor physical issues can also come up. You may even plan for long distance travels. This is a time for charity deeds as well. You may try to bring some changes into your personal life. New people can come into your life. Financial planning is also shown. Please be gentle with your partners.


Your long-term relations and group settings are very much triggered. There will be a lot of focus on your existing long-term relationships from the personal and professional sector. New people can come in and old ones may leave. This is a time to form new teams and team activities. Workings with children and youth groups are also seen. You will work for their upliftment. This is a good time to learn mystical sciences. You may do a retrospect. Your partnership sector is also active. New agreements and contracts also may need a lot of effort to reach perfection.

Mercury is grazing through your career-related sector. Projects from communication and electronics related sector can come up. Writers and authors will be busy with their new projects. Your bosses will be active with you and they may analyze your work. So, try to be perfect and blameless. You may get new colleagues at work. Your workplace will become very communicative. New teammates also can come up. There is a lot of focus on your workplace. Your health also will have a focus. You may take up a new medical care program.

You are looking for long distance travels or foreign trips. Projects with foreign collaborations are also seen. Writers are authors also will get opportunities from their domain. Spiritual debates and charitable deeds are also seen. You may go for training programs as well. You will be closely interacting with mentors and gurus. Venus is moving through the career sector, so you can expect some renewal at work. It can be as a new project or as new colleagues. Projects from arts and entertainment sector are also seen. Your bosses can be supportive.

Mercury is moving through the sector for finances and partnerships. Since Mercury indicates communications, you will be communicating a lot about your finances. There will be a lot of communication regarding partnerships. You will try to bring some changes in your partnerships. Plans for projects with joint ventures are also seen. This is a time to settle your financial issues. Plans for foreign travel can come up. You may plan for some training programs. Spiritual deeds and charity programs are also seen.

There will be a lot of focus on your partnerships. Mercury is moving through this sector, so you may expect a lot of one to one discussions regarding partnerships from the personal and professional sector. You may have new deals. New contracts also can come up. There are some challenges also in this regard, so you have to move carefully. There will be a lot of focus on your communication-related projects as well. Your speech can become blunt, so please control that. There will be a lot of interactions with siblings and siblings like people. Communication and short travels related sector is also active. You may use a lot of technology.


Mercury is moving through the sector for work, colleagues, and health. There will be a lot of short projects and they can come from communication and technology related domains. Team projects also can come up. You will have to identify the scope of these projects and move accordingly. Your health also needs a lot of focus. This is a time to start a new health care regime. You have to take this seriously. Venus is moving through the sector for partnerships, spouse and business relations. You may expect betterment in your partnerships. New deals can come up.

Mercury is moving through the sector for creativity, romance, and own ventures. This is a time to go for social gatherings. You will think about new romantic relations. Those who are already in such relation will try to improve it. This is a time to work with your creative energies. You will try to promote your skills. Venus is also moving through the sector for work, health, and colleagues. You may expect some freshness at the workplace. New projects or new colleagues can come up. Your health also may need some improvement.


Mercury is moving through the sector for home and personal life. You may have real estate deal. This is also a phase to work from home. Relocation related discussions also can take place. You will be busy in renovating your home. Family meetings and discussions related to the family property are also seen. Venus is moving through the sector for creativity and romance. New creative projects can come up. You will try to bring some freshness to your romantic life. You may attend social gatherings and entertainment programs.


Jayashree Cyrus

JayaShree’s quest for astrology research started during her school days. In the year 2015 she took certification in astrology from Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidyabhavan, NewDelhi. She dedicates the credit of her astrological proficiency to God and her gurus Shri K N Rao , founder of Institute of Astrology and Shri. Deepak Bisaria , Principal of Institute of Astrology. She has 17 years of exposure in Christian theological teachings from Christian theologians, Biblical classes and counselling sessions. Email id: [email protected]

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