I was lost in the mesmerizing sights and sounds of spectacular sunrises & sunsets, intoxicating sea breeze, walk on the private beach, healing properties of world-class gourmet with minimum calories, in an environment promoting a healthy lifestyle with sustainability, where every aspect translates into an exquisite experience. All this in a cocoon of Luxury with spectacular views. This is PEMA HEALTH AND HEALING RESORT, a  luxurious wellness property and a dedicated naturopathic resort, located in the birthplace of Naturopathy– Andhra Pradesh.

Pema Health & Healing Resort is perched atop the Healing Hills in Vizag with breath-taking and stunning views of the Bay of Bengal on one side and a panoramic view of the hills on the other side.

PEMA USP –While each treatment here is unique in itself, the doctors design customized treatments from a combination of  100 odd therapies to achieve the best results. PEMA programme is designed & customised for individual needs having therapies from a host of indigenously developed naturotherapy treatments, well-researched cuisine both in terms of Health & Nutrition. Resplendent with hills & virgin beaches, the city is a health-seekers delight with sights to savour. The ambience augments the healing.


Accommodation: This  Naturopathic Wellness Resort with state of the art facility offers  136  rooms, 8 cottages and 4 suites offering an elevated breathtaking sea view from every room, 1 lac sq ft of healing hub with luxurious and spacious restaurant, about 100 rooms of dedicated space for therapies, 7000 Sq.ft  of fitness gym and yoga studio,  infinity pool & reflexology track and sea facing walking tract enclosed with a blissful scenic beauty of nature.

Wellness journey at Pema Wellness

The journey at Pema Wellness begins with diagnostics and consultation with the clinical team of doctors followed by yoga consultant who further designs customised wellness programme for individual programme best suitable for holistic wellbeing & healing.  Going by the principles of Naturopathy, an effort is made to find the root cause of the problem. Naturopathic physicians use laboratory tests and other objective data in conjunction with the subjective story of the guest [symptoms] to determine the most effective treatment. The process culminates in an individually tailored treatment plan that actively engages the guest in his/ her health. The prescribed diet and treatment plan at the end of the retreat ensures the healing touch that never fades and continues to blossom.


Clinical Therapies- revive, rejuvenate and begin with a new self!

Pema is not a spa for massages but a wellness healing resort with  Clinical therapies [manual therapies] which are purpose driven & result oriented. Pema Wellness is the integration of Naturopathy Diagnostics and Consultations, Therapeutic procedures, Acupuncture, Detoxification & Rejuvenation, Yoga and Meditation, Clinical diet & Nutrition, & other core services. The healing hub houses close to 100 treatment rooms for manual therapies, sauna, steam, Hydrotherapy, colonics, colon irrigation, an infinity pool for Aqua Zumba, a reflexology tract besides acupuncture rooms.

Manipulative Therapies at Pema Wellness

  • Colon therapy
  • whirl Pool Bath
  • PanchakarmaShirodhara
  • Jet Bath or Jet Spray Massage
  • Ozone Steam Bath
  • Healing Quartz Treatment
  • Deluxe Hydrobath
  • Salt Glow Manual therapy
  • Vibro Manual therapy
  • Healing Quartz Treatment
  • Sand Manual therapy
  •  Manual Massage therapies like Balinese, Lymphatic drainage, Lomi-lomi, Thai, Swedish, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Abhyanga
  • Spinal Bath
  •  Acupuncture
  • Infrared sauna
  • Under Water Jets
  • Gastro Hepatic (G.H) Pack
  • Kidney Pack
  •  Neem aloe Vera Turmeric Massage/ Herbal Pack and many more
  • Yoga – Customised as per guest

Therapeutic Nutrition – PEMA MANTRA

The Pema Cuisine is an experience of 8 years of research resulting in one of the finest dining experience to promote health & wellness The spacious restaurant provides a panoramic view of the Bay of Bengal as well as of the city.  With a strong belief in one’s Diet is one’s medicine. The resort provides technically researched nutritious diet.  Diet is tailored to individual requirements considering balanced nutrition, Detoxification, Healing, Rejuvenation & Reconstruction. The team here produces mindfully crafted bespoke vegetarian gourmet cuisine inspired by global cuisine and crafted with organic and locally sourced produce ensures freshness, leaving one revitalized, nourished and healthy.


You can Savour from among a 1000 researched delectable recipes counting with 7 years of research, to give a perfectly blended clinical & gastronomic experience.

Products for therapies –  Every therapy is targeted at detoxification, rejuvenation and healing.   Organic coconut oil & cold press olive oil is used in all the therapies.

By The Bay in Vishakaptnam-Located at Vizag, a beautiful city with a long mesmerizing coastline privy to spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the wellness resort Resplendent with hills & beaches it is a tourist delight with sights to savour.



Embracing a naturopathic vision, Pema is driven by the rhythm and flow of nature to revive the synergy between the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Environmental expressions within. The resort fosters a symbiotic ambience of minimalism interspersed with exquisitely crafted artefacts collected from all over the world. The hand finished walls and flooring embody the labour of love of more than 300 skilled people. The pathways are cemented as one embarks on a journey of self-correction, transformation in the pristine clear waters and nurturing natural environs.

Says the Founder Mrs Meena Mulpuri, “To cope up with today’s stress of lifestyle, pollution and adulteration of food items, boozy evenings,  It becomes imperative to detoxify the body and live a healthy and energetic life. Thus health destinations like PEMA are now an integral part of the lifestyle. A unique location, cradled in the breath-taking Spectacular sunrises and sunsets, along with fresh and soothing sea breeze form the perfect destination for a healing and rejuvenating experience.” She further adds, “ There are a large number of health destinations which have come up to meet the requirements of health enthusiasts through different roots like Naturopathy, Ayurveda and numerous other alternative medicine systems.  Pema Wellness caters for high end, luxury segment  health seekers with the sole purpose of restoring the health of people naturally.”



 By Retd Col SS Minhas, General Manager, Pema Wellness

  • Having been associated with ‘Ananda’ earlier, I’ve always dreamt of preparing a team of smiling and cheerful people pouring out their hearts in the service and healing process of our esteemed guests. Our trademark today is our zealous staff, ever willing to serve the guests with compassion.
  • We are very uniquely positioned in our offering with a rare fusion of health, luxury and hospitality. Naturopathy is practised in a dedicated and sustainable way to restore the health of the guests.
  • The biggest selling point is our property located on a picturesque lush green hilltop overlooking the majestic Bay of Bengal with its pristine beaches outlining a beautiful coastline. Wonderful ambience, friendly people, clean city define Vizag as “Jewel of the East Coast”.
  • We are proud and privileged to have a very professional team of naturopathy experts, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and exclusive experts in yoga with Dr.SN Murthy at the helm of the team who is also referred to as “father of naturopathy in India .”
  • We firmly believe in the adage ” You are what you eat”. Our gourmet cuisine is spearheaded by Chef. Shaji and Chef. Rajiv Bali. Chef Shaji has curated more than 1000 recipes. Chef Bali has furthered the culinary delight through his exceptional creativity and presentation. We take pride in serving the best of organic food to our guests.
  • Being a new unit we have the privilege of using the newer technologies and equipment as compared to our compatriots. Body analysis machine like SECA, Healing Quartz massage equipment, Colon irrigation equipment like Angle of water… etc are some of our prized possessions.
  • We contribute towards green practices to the extent that even our gym equipment has zero carbon footprint.
  • We hold interactive knowledge sessions with our guests on Naturopathy, Yoga, Diet & Nutrition, Healthy cooking skills and allied subjects to create enhanced awareness about healthy way of living.. Prof Prahlad’s knowledge and enthusiasm & skills of his team are simply irresistible…
  • We encourage our guests to visit the places of cultural, tourist and religious interests at the end of their programme in Vizag before their departure.


Contact- PEMA Wellness Resort, BayPark – Healing Hills, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh – 530045, India

+91-8912825555/ 91-8886531234

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By Wellness Advocate:

Khushboo Jain
Founder- Madaboutwellness
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