Aishwarya Rai is hands down the most beautiful woman on earth. She has the grace, beauty, and modesty to be on top. The blue eyes and amazing hair are her plus points. The Miss World has always been a hot favorite of the shutterbugs who love to capture the gorgeous lady in her full glow.

And when lady is so beautiful, who wouldn’t want to get related to her. Same happened to a man from Andhra who was so mesmerized by the stardom and beauty that he decided to form relations with her.  Recently, Aishwarya Rai’s name has been in the news for some really bizarre reason. A 29-year-old man named Sangeeth Kumar claims to be the son of Aishwarya Rai. He even adds Rai in his name to symbolize his relationship with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

According to Sangeeth, Aishwarya Rai gave birth to him in London, 1988 even before she won the beauty pageant. He claims that Aishwarya gave birth to him through IVF technology and not through normal birth.


“I was born to her by IVF in London in 1988. I was brought up in Chodavaram from age three to 27. I was with my grandmother Brinda Krishnaraj Rai’s family at the age of one and two in Mumbai. My grandfather Krishnaraj Rai died in April 2017 (March), and my uncle’s name in Aditya Rai,” Sangeet told media in an interaction in Mangaluru at the end of December.”

He further adds that his father brought him to Vishakhapatnam and he has been living there ever since. He claims that although he has lived away from his mother for 27 long years now he wants to reunite with his mother and live a happy life with her.