Just better sense.
By Tarang Sinha

Many years back, when I was in school, we had a family wedding. We girls were excited to travel as baraatis. We had to go some other town for the wedding but, surprisingly, my grandfather strictly said no girls were going to attend the barat. It was surprising and of course disappointing, and not usual. In our family, girls do attend wedding functions as well as baraats. We did not get our answer, then but later on we knew that how insightful my grandfather was.

Later, we came know the stories about some really absurd scenes created during the travel by some unrefined people of neighbourhood who thought that drinking while travelling as baraatis was mandatory. They would puke, abuse, and create scenes, irrespective of the place and people around them.

Just four years back, during my sister-in-law’s wedding it was so pleasant to see really decent people arriving as baraatis. Not a single person was drunk or demanded alcohol. The alcohol-free environ­ment was so pleasant, decent and fresh! At least it can spare you from talking nonsense and behaving like mad.

Recently, an entertainment news channel extracted news from an upcoming film starring Rishi Kappor. Rishi Kapoor, while shooting for this film, was greatly surprised to know that Rajat Kapoor, another artiste from that film, was a teetotaler.

What does it take to be a teetotaller? Is saying NO to alcohol against social etiquette? How can consuming alcohol make your lifestyle better?

There are many stories that how alcohol is addictive and has destroyed many lives and families.

Nilabh Verma, 30, an engineer by profession and writer by passion, is a teetotaller. When asked about being a teetotaler, he sounded surprised. “What is so special in this? I always indulge myself in Coke.”

“Do people respond surprisingly when you refuse in official parties?” I asked.

“Yes, people get surprised to know that I don’t drink and react differently. Sometimes, they tease me. It’s fun, when they goad and I refuse,” he says.

“Bottom line is…” he continues, “if you don’ drink, you don’t drink. People will try to drag you to the same pond but the choice is always yours. After all, what you choose makes you what you are.”

When a man from lower class consumes alcohol and comes home dancing, shouts unnecessarily, abuses and even beats his wife, people abhor him. But, for modern society, consuming alcohol has become a part of the lifestyle. Even they shout unnecessarily and abuse.

Recently, a woman from Mumbai created a high-class drama when the police caught her for drunk driving. She refused to undergo the tests and locked herself in the car. When confronted, she abused loudly. The policemen looked helpless and were unable to handle her.

On June 2015, a woman named Jahnavi Gadkar, while driving drunk, crashed her Audi into a taxi, killing its driver and a passenger.

A few years back, only men were highlighted for drinking alcohol but time has really changed. Now, it seems that new-age women consider drinking alcohol a part of their lifestyle. A style statement. A new way to look modern and cool. I heard a bar owner saying on a news channel that women do come in groups to drink. It’s usual.

Studies have proved that women are not able to digest alcohol as easily as men are. The reason is the simple physiological difference.

Women weigh less and hence have less tissue to absorb alcohol.

Women have less water in their bodies compared to men, so it is difficult for their bodies to dilute the alcohol, hence the concentration of alcohol remains high.

Alcohol alert!

If you have to drink, have in controlled amounts. Don’t be a regular drinker. Guess why. No points for guessing – it is addictive.

Do not consume alcohol if you are alone with children. They won’t be able to control you if go beyond the limit. It may frighten them.

Driving and drinking going together, invite disaster. It’s not just about your safety. Your drunk-and- drive state may cost someone’s life. Keep someone with you and let her or him drive. You are more senseless than you think.

You have to understand that consuming alcohol doesn’t add any feather to your lifestyle. You can be modern and a teetotaler at the same time. There are many other things to make your lifestyle shine. Think about it.

It’s not a race. You don’t have to be competitive in every sense. This competition yields nothing.

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