“What If I Am Sexually Active?” Asks Aaliyaah To Her Dad Anurag Kashyap!

Aaliyah Kashyap, daughter of Anurag Kashyap, is a lot active on YouTube, always looking for creating videos. She usually involves her parents in the videos. A recent video on her channel, headed “asking my dad awkward questions” will make you envy of their father-daughter bond!

Aaliyah asking questions to Anurag on YouTube.

“What if i came out to you that i am into girls?”, asks Aaliyah.

“Umm, okay.”, replies Anurag

“What is your advice to parents of LGBTQ?”

“Not to be afraid. I’d tell them not to be afraid of something they don’t understand. Because it is from the fear that they overreacts.”

“Is weed acceptable?”

“Doctors say so. But there are consequences to everything, good or bad.”

“Do you like Shane?”, she asked, referring to her boyfriend.

“I like Shane i like your choice in friends and boys. He is very spiritual, very calm.”

“What would you do if you walked in on me making out?”

“I’ll say sorry and turn back and leave the room.” (Shocking! We know, right?)

“Would you be okay with your daughter being sexually active?”

“No, my only worry would be that i hope she is safe and she doesn’t suffer.”

“What if i drunk dial you?”

“You’ve done that a lot.”

“What if i told you i was pregnant?”

“I’ll ask you what to do and choose, whatever choice you make I’ll accept.”

“What is your opinion on sex before marriage?”

“It’s the question we asked in the eighties, it’s not relevant now.”

Shocker, ain’t it? Who would have expected these answers! The video left the viewers in shock, and wishing, if only everyone had a dad like Anurag. A fan commented below, “fathers like these exist? Can’t relate, but good for you.”

Daddy Anurag and daughter Aaliyah are giving us major father-daughter goals!

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