What Is Lipid Profile Test & How It Is Done?

Do you know what lipids are? They are the substances of fats, namely, triglycerides and cholesterol. Lipids are vital from the perspective of body cells but if they are in excess, lipids can block the blood vessels and the blood flow. This can also lead to stroke and heart attack. If there is a lack of blood supply towards the brain, heart and other vital organs of the body, it might lead to very serious health complications. It may lead to heart attack and even the death of the person. In the current living scenario, a lot many people suffer from elevated cholesterol level. It poses a lot of health risk.

Elevated cholesterol level or lipid level is the result of living the inactive lifestyle or following sedentary lifestyle. As per the recent survey, it is found that more than 40 million adults have increased lipid level which is simply alarming. This is the reason why we must undergo lipid profile test at regular intervals. If there is even a slight increase in the lipid level, it will show on the reports and you may take necessary action to control it. This can save you from a variety of diseases.

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How is lipid profile screened?

You have to undergo some tests for screening lipid profile. Excessive lipid will get deposited on the blood vessels. You may not know how thin a blood vessel lining is. If lipid gets deposited on the blood vessel lining, there may be a disease called Atherosclerosis. This disease can result in several other diseases like kidney disease, stroke and heart disease. Till there is any health complication, you won’t show any sign of elevated lipid level. If things are diagnosed at the earliest, we may be safeguarded from deadly diseases. By taking the test, you may prevent any disease from occurring.

Who may undergo the test? 

Well, anyone can undergo the test. There is no such demarcation. But, people with conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease must necessarily undergo lipid test. If you are an obese person or a chain smoker, you should undergo the test. The ones whose test reports are normal, they must take this test every 3-4 years.

The tests carried out for lipids:

If you are taking lipid test, know about the tests to be carried out. Total Cholesterol is the first and foremost blood test to be carried out. Cholesterol test helps in measuring the lipid count in your blood. The desired level of cholesterol should be below 200mg/dl. Serum Triglyceride, HDL cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol and Lp are other tests.

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The way it is conducted:

Lipid test may now be done at home as well. Contact the lab professional online and schedule blood test at home. Your blood sample will be collected from home at your convenience. The sample will be sent to the lab for preparation of the report. It is the test carried out on an empty stomach. The person undergoing the test must fast for 12 hours. Finally, the test report will be sent directly to your email address. This method of testing is very convenient and easy. The test provides complete information on the lipid profile.

Similar to lipid profile is CPK test or Creatine Phosphokinase test which may be conducted at home. Anyone having muscle ache can take this test. Lipid test, cholesterol and CPK examination are must to perform at regular intervals.

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