What Is Required To Obtain Portugal NIF?

Portugal NIF

NIF, or tax ID for Portugal, is required not only by the natives of the EU countries but also by every individual who is going to open a company and obtain resident status, as an entrepreneur or investor. Through us, each interested person can receive Portugal NIF in just 3 working days, subject to the submission of the necessary package of documents and meeting the requirements of the security service of the host country.

What is required to obtain Portugal NIF?

The Portuguese government has made it so easy for foreigners to obtain a tax identification number that today it is enough to provide just two certified online scanned copies of the following official documents:

  •  A foreign passport, the validity of which does not expire more than 6 months from the date of submission of the candidate’s electronic application through our official website.
  • Proof of permanent registration at the place of residence – in the form of an extract from the national passport, a utility bill issued in the name of the applicant, or other documents.

In addition to these documents, the candidate will also be required to submit an application form, which is completed online and contains a live signature that fully corresponds to the passport data.

Our company acts not only as an intermediary but also as your guarantor in obtaining a NIF tax identification number of Portugal. If the host party refuses to provide a tax ID in Portugal, you are guaranteed to get back 100% of the previously paid money. If your application is approved, you will immediately receive your unique NIF to your email address, after which you can open a company in Portugal or proceed with the next steps for naturalization in the country.

Requirements for electronic copies of documents for obtaining NIF Portugal

When making an electronic copy of the main documents for obtaining NIF Portugal, each candidate must comply with the following important requirements of the host:

  • The two sides of the ID must be exactly on the same picture.
  • The passport must be scanned so that all 4 corners of it are visible.
  • There must be no dirt, fingerprints, glare, or blurry marks from a low-quality photo on the surface of the passport spread.
  • The personal signature of the applicant must be clearly visible and identifiable on the document.
  • If a German citizen applies for NIF registration, his passport must be fresh – the date of issue must be no later than March 2017.
  • It is recommended to provide as much written evidence as possible of permanent registration at the address of residence.

The application form or cover letter must be in Portuguese or English only and contain the applicant’s personal passport details. It is also necessary to attach a photo of the interested person to the questionnaire in such a way that the person is fully identified. The power of attorney must also be confirmed by the personal signature of the applicant, which fully matches the passport.

Benefits of joining e-residence.com

Over the years of our work, we have helped hundreds of citizens from all over the world apply for NIF Portugal. Many of our clients highlight our undeniable advantages:

  • We solve your problem in a complex, and our team of professionals accompanies all bureaucratic procedures from the application to the receipt of the NIF.
  • According to statistics, more than 90% of our clients received their NIF through our company within 3 business days after submitting an application.
  • We work only in the interests of the client; all our actions are extremely transparent. You can always track the progress of your application on the official website, or contact our operator at the contact phone number.

After approval of your application and acceptance of documents by the host party, based on the results of verification of your documents, we will send you a unique tax identification number to your email address. In case of refusal, which happens extremely rarely, when working with us, we fully refund all the money previously paid to us for our service.

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